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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. British Army in the Last days of Empire......Aden and Mad Mitch :D
  2. Mad Mitch. A good soldier and a clever campaigner when it came to saving his regiment. Pity we don't appear to have his likes right now when we really need them. It cost him his career, but he had the courage to stand up and be counted against the top brass and the bean-counters. Another Tim Collins.
  3. thanks for that!
  4. Your welcome..........now for the English Regt's step forward....... :?
  5. great program. mad Mitch looks like a top bloke, he stuck up for his lads when the higher ups were soiling their nappies.

    I cant imagine how bad it must have been for those lads to have to sit on their arrses while their mates were dead and mutilated in the middle of the city.
  6. Just finished reading, "Having Been a Soldier" by Lt Col Colin Mitchell aka Mad Mitch.
    Fascinating reading from his point of view, a real soldier’s soldier, didn’t mind speaking his mind and putting his career on the line, if only there were more in this PC world we all live in today.
  7. thats going for 80 quid on amazon, any idea where I could get it without raping my wallet? 8O
  8. Shove the title in the search bit of here http://www.abebooks.com/

    6 copies USA/UK/RSA
  9. Typical! Another Labour Govt fcuking up, yet again!
    Half a dozen rounds of 76mm HE from the Saladin, at an early stage, might have stopped the whole thing right there and then! Instead it was ordered to withdraw... Hoons!
    No fannying about from Colin Mitchell, though!
    Dennis Healey whined, 'Collin was very difficult to deal with'
    Yeah, right!
    As one Jock said, 'It was a tribal thing. The Arab tribe against the Scottish tribe...' The Scots won! Wahey..
    Think I'll have another wee taste of the Talisker, laddie.
  10. NI would have been interesting if Col Mitch had made the upper echelons. His robust form of soldiering would probably saved Sands the bother of starving himself. Doubtful that McGuinness would be politicing around today either.

    Crater seems to be in a timewarp - the modern pictures look just as I remembered it from the early 60's. Different cars and less camels but probably smells the same though.

    The locals being interviewed didn't look old enough to have been very old in the 60's. So I suspect they were repeating other peoples stuff. And the man talking about the soldiers with red hats - probably meant the paras not the Argylles.

    Excellent quotes from Col Mitch though - no PC crap from him.

    I'm destined never to go back because I climbed Jebel Shamsan. The greatest incentive to climb a hill ever. (If you climb Shamsan you'll never return to Aden) Fcuking hot though.
  11. His son, Lorne, was working for the Halo Trust when I met him about 7 years ago. Splendid chap. Sadly, Colin had died of cancer the year previously.

    I'll be watching the programme with interest tomorrow. I've no recollection of my birthplace although I've got a rather lovely oil painting of the barren rocks.