Empire Total war video

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by joey_deacons_lad, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. A video showing some feature's of the game i want it but my pc will defo struggle and i haven't got the wedge for a new one yet bugger!
  2. It looks brilliant , I've been keeping tabs on this for months now, I still run through the last game every now and again too. I wonder if Napoleon/Wellington will crop up?
  3. I've been a huge fan of the series since Shogun i'll probably get Empire and just make do with low resoloution it looks too good to miss
  4. I only picked up the series at med 2 , but its by far and away my favorite strategy game.

    Just had a quick check through the site, looks like Nelsons in :D

    & Gurkhas too!

    I think theyve done away with the bloody god bothering too, looks great so far.
  5. release date is now set for 6 February 2009.

    *sigh, I'v been waiting for this ever since the Napoleonic mods for medi 1 came out years ago.

    the Total War series are my most fav games, is there any other arrser out there playing serious stratagy online multiplayer, or are they all FPS gamers?

    an ARRSE Total War clan mybe?????
  6. Wow that really does look the dogs.

    Seriously considering getting a ninja custom rig to get the most out of it!
  7. Theyve announced the sweedes as a playable faction too :) If all goes to plan I may well be in basic when this comes out though, bugger!

    Edited to add: I havent played alot online of med 2 , but I do play Company of heroes online alot, its the dogs :wink:
  8. These are generally the only games I play. I attempted to play Europa Universailis III once, much the same as Empire, except without the real-time battles and a campaign map which is far more (to the point of being horrifically so in fact) detailed. Naturally I gave up, nobody enjoys playing a game with a two hour learning curve, over the course of which all I did was chase two American colonial armies in circles around Virginia and New York.

    I've been waiting to see a proper trailer for this, let alone for the game to come out. Now I have seen it, I can't say I'm too happy.

    How the bloody hell am I going to play it?
  9. I can't wait for this bad boy! I loved Rome and Medieval 2, but this one will be the cream of the crop! I hope they have a Napoleonic Wars scenario as well as the standard Grand Campaign setup, and I'm looking forward to the Naval option as well! Hopefully it'll have a suitably patriotic soundtrack as well, a bit of 'British Grenadier' and 'Rule Britannia' would give you a suitably martial spirit to undertake your conquests!
  10. Cant wait for this, long time in the making .....i feel I'm gonna many hours of my life to this game : )
  11. release date has being pushed back a month to add multiplayer support for campaign mode!!!

    Earlier this week we reported that Empire: Total War, the highly anticipated PC RTS game from The Creative Assembly and Sega, would have a slight delay in its previous February 2 release date. The new date is now for sometime in early March. However a new development in the game has been revealed and it's indirectly because of the game's delay.

    On the official Total War message boards, Creative Assembly team member Mark O'Connell announced, "Significantly the additional time will also allow us to implement the underlying technology for a much desired feature (thanks to your feedback!); a multiplayer campaign mode. An opportunity to participate in the 1 versus 1 multiplayer campaign mode beta will be made available to all Empire Total War buyers post release." This will be the first time in the Total War series that a game will have any kind of multiplayer campaign mode. No other info on this new feature has been announced.
  12. DEMOS OUT!

    Downloading it now , even though Ive got it pre-ordered. Gonna plough through it before training :D
  13. you getting it through steam?

    i noticed a few years ago players with bought medi2 online through steam were having ploblems connectting and joining multiplayer.

    and demos downloading right now :)
  14. Got the demo through steam , its a bit slow to load, but its great so far. Ive pre-ordered the box though , its a big game and I like to have these things on disk. Highlanders advancing with a piper and bayoneting rebelling colonials is joyous :D The naval battle is a bit tricky though.