Hi guys, i bought the game on preorder - direct2drive uk on ign on the 1st march 09 and it was set for 3rd release, the counter stopped and nothing changed on my account remained preorder so i emaield the support team - no answer. I looked on US site and it came out for them at 5pm our time today and the Uk site also said it would be out today instead well its now 8.15 and its still saying preorder on my account eventhough you can now purchase it and not preorder!...i emailed support a 2nd time to say help with this or tell me how to refund as there isnt actually any instructions on that either, anyone in this situation/downloaded it/or knows how to go about the refund? its ridiculous in my opinion :?
ye i found the thing for a refund so i said basically sort it, tell me whats going on or i want a full refund...seen as i dont have the activation code it shouldnt be an issue :roll:
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