Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rumrunner, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Anyone watching it? Seen it loads of times. One of the great films IMO.
  2. I am now. Young Master Bale did a very good job in American Psycho and Batman begins!
  3. I dunno. It doesn't really capture the brutality of the Japanese occupation of China IMO. Also, if I remember correctly they had American troops liberating them. They would have been Chinese troops, and MAYBE a US advisor. And that's a huge maybe.
  4. Yeah, I really like this film. I quite like many of Bale films.
  5. Parts of it filmed at the far end of the runway at Carver Barracks. A bloke from the production crew came into the guardroom when I was 2i/c Guard one day and put a suitcase with a hand set on the desk ...first time I ever saw a mobile phone.
  6. Fooking heck............lol :wink:
  7. I have to say, the haunting Welsh lullaby “Suo Gan” that features prominently during the film, always gets to me.
  8. The bit with the P51, "Cadillac of the skies" and the pilot waving does it for me.
  9. fcking hell do I feel better, I'm not the only one who got emotional over that film then.
  10. Every time I watch it AL. Great acting.
  11. Great film. Both Bale and Malkovich are fantastic in the film.
  12. hate to be a critic here but, think they were all rather healthy looking for Jap POW's
  13. You can only go so far for in the pursuit of reality. I don't think the actors agents or studio insurance companies would go for the required "Japanese P.O.W Camp" type training regimen!
  14. True, but they could have made it look a teenie weenie bit realsitic. They all looked jolly, well fed, well clothed and thoroughly on top of things........load of bollox really.......bit like all those shite movies about how America won the war eh ?, and found the Enigma machine, oh yeah, and cracked it, its all Hollywood bollox to satisfy American guilt at just being generally ARRSE.
  15. I agree sort of (however American forces were decisive in winning the war, regardless of hollywood bollocks) I already stated my concerns
    I personally would like to see a movie about the German trained chinese infantry groups, or about the Chinese troops in Burma that fought under Stilwell and Slim.