Emperor Beer, or how to put a negative spin on a story

FFS! Someone has a bright idea to cheer up soldiers going to a fcuking dangerous place and jurnos have to get on their high horse! :evil:

It's not like the EFI will be stocking the beer!

Good luck to the publican; i like the bit about donating some of the profits to charity.

Ok, a cynic could say it was a gimmic to intice 16 in to his boozer (like they need a reason :D ), but good effort fella!
Would this mean that the drinking song "Osama has only got one ball" might be construed as causing offence ?

Muslims have a saying "InshAllah"

It is supposed to be derived from the dying wishes of yesteryear terrorists contemplating paradise, 70 virgins and their own tiny manhoods

"Give me four more inshallah"
Hello slim_shandy,

that is one of the pettiest pieces of journalism I have read in a long time.
Now,where can I get a pint?

If they get a strop on about the name, just put out posters saying where the name comes from and to stop whinging about it.
An official at the Afghan embassy in London said he didn't think the name would go down well in Kabul, but declined further comment.
Yeah, like the local jundies will be drinking the stuff? The only thing it should be 'going down' is peoples' necks FFS.
OOOh! Let's not offend the nice Muslims.

The saddest thing about it is the need for MOD spindoctors to issue a statement denying any "imperialist designs" implications.

It's beer, it's for a good cause and it's going down the throats of folks standing into harm's way, FFS!

Edited for clarity or something.


tangosix said:
Now,where can I get a pint?

I like the Fox and Fiddler - about the only wortwhile boozer in Colly Town Centre. Good mix of folk and good ale. I may just pop in on Saturday to try a few Emperor Beers.

Will report back

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