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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by pongo6863, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Is it just me? I've just finished watching 'Cabaret' (again, it's SWMBO's favourite film) and, as usual, the beer garden scene where the kids start singing 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me' raised the hairs on the back of my neck and caused an Emotional Moment.

    The only time I always find the air gets dusty is when I hear the words "We shall remember..." :cry:

    Does anyone else find that song, smell, words, etc. result in an Emotional Moment?
  2. No. And I even went to the trouble of watching the first minute on YouTube to find out WTF you were on about.
  3. I remember watching a programme about a POW of the Japanese and how he came to terms with his hatred, he then meets a Jap camp guard who then apologises, genuinley, that scene seems to be very touching.
  4. Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence?
  5. I had an emotional moment earlier when Direct Line Pet Insurance told me they were going to give me £58.30 towards my claim of £857.50.

    It is actually possible to rip someone a new arrsehole over the phone.

    She's probably still crying now.
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  6. No was a documentary, buggered if I can remember the name.
  7. The YouTube clip doesn't do justice to the original (and "clip" is the right word - it really IS "clipped" - all close ups) The Hitler Jugend kid starts to sing... and everybody else shuts up. Then, gradually, everybody else (starting with the kids) starts to sing along. Which transforms the song from silly nationalist drivel into the stuff that Concentration Camps are made from. As more people stand, and join in, the song gets louder... and those with the guts to remain seated and NOT join in, look increasingly isolated... and scared.

    Years ago, I was introduced by a family who owns a posh Hannover hotel to their aunt (who usually stays out of public view in the basement/laundry) "Hello aunt Krysta. This is Ron - he's from England." Tante Krysta smiled at me with the bluest eyes I've even seen, and replied "Ah yes, the English too were once part of the master race." She was exactly the right age to have been force-fed a diet of pure Nazism incessantly throughout her childhood... and it had stuck. Another "hairs on the back of your neck rising" moment. A product of exactly that "Tomorrow belongs to me" sentiment.
  8. Putties, put that into English for me darling. Easties is on and you know I have a brain the size of a pea. Cheers xxx
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  9. ENG

    Like that?
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  10. Only two non-English words used: "Jugend" (= "Youth") and "Tante" (="Auntie") you're sure it's as BIG as a pea?
  11. That struck a cord. A while back working with some germans and some Irish lads. A few weeks into the project we were all getting on well and I was usually the butt of the ribbing. Eleventeen pints into a session one of the germans said pretty much the same to me, He was serious as well. Actually felt dirty, still feels creapy now. The other German lads just kept quiet.
  12. Face shit your a take.

    Rearrange that.
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  13. Did you miss "for"?
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  14. When we go to our local war memorial in November, they have a veteran do the 'We shall remember them" Always gets me.

    Funnily enough Bandaid never does, especially the line,
    'Tonight thank God it's them instead of you.'
  15. Eric Lomax? Wrote The Railway Man?