Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lumpy2, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Got a message in "instant chat" just now from a mucker who was asking how to do the various emoticons.

    The only ones I know are ones I've found out from other posts by dint of placing the cursor over them.

    I'm sure there used to be a list somewhere of what to type in for each one, but I'm buggered if I can find it, or remember where it was.

    Please could someone enlighten me.

    And yes, I am a sad twat and also bored shitless.
  2. Check on the Quick Reply box, on the tool bar is a smiley, click on it and a pop up will appear, enlarge for all the emoticons available.
  3. Click the little grinner on the right hand side of the text entry
  4. Don't have a smiler on my screen, but found the list in the "posting permissions" box.

    Thanks anyway :joker: and Nobby
  5. Check your settings and make sure you have WYSIWYG switched on.
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  6. Excellent, GM. I now have a tool bar :)

    Small pleasures eh?
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  7. Try spraying arterial blood from your neck on to the screen, in the shape of whatever emotion you currently feel (not sure if there is one for 'feeling like an unloved dry-cunted bag of yeast').
  8. You say the sweetest things.

    I'm still spoken for though, sorry to disappoint.
  9. No need to add 'dishonest' to your current description of 'pointless' and 'barren'.
  10. I hope your pigeons all die and never call you "daddy".
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  11. A typical anthropomorphic response from a raisin-wombed waste of oxygen.
  12. I sense you're a little bit stressed. Bringing up twins must be a heavy responsibility. Have you tried Mumsnet for some sympathetic advice?
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  13. Have you tried Dignitas to solve your life failure?
  14. I don't reckon I'll need Dignitas, as I fully expect you to bore me to death with your tired misogynistic drivel before much longer.
  15. Your post is a symphony of emergency banter. You're a bit shit at this aren't you petal?