EMOs stonned in Iraq!

****coughs**** Been done ****coughs****
I thought Emos were native to Australia?

I'm a cunt, get me out of here.


Book Reviewer
Dam! Feel free to remove MODS :crash:
Who the fuck are you to breeze in here and demand that I remove my Mods? Eh? Hoy. I am fucking talking you you.

My Mods are close to my heart and I love most of them dearly. Now fuck off.
Well, stonne the crows.
Well, stonne the crows.
Christ, are we to stone crows now? I knew it was a bit shite being a red arse but getting rocks thrown at you till you've done a year or so is a bit harsh.
Could we not just give them loads of shit tasks and send them on lots of naafi runs?

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