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Emma Watson is bad for you!

And in further news Bears are Roman Catholic and the Pope sh1ts in the woods.

Slow news day in Belfast? I'm more concerned they need a warning over this sort of stuff.
This has been a well known tactic for years, along with 'free virus scans' or 'free registry scans'.

Spoofing websites, ie bank websites is also pretty common. ie you log on to a identical looking front page as Personal banking: Bank Accounts, Mortgages, Online | HSBC Bank UK but the domain is front@hsbcbank.com or similar.

NON of this is new. I suppose it is similar to Spearphishing. In that it is aimed at certain people, but without the e-mail.

Perhaps 'booby trap' or 'dodo bait' would be a good to coin.
You would do that in the green room of a Jeremy Kyle show old boy.
Would you blame him

Even if photoshoped they seem about right. And she has that dirty look and great hips that makes me feel young again,,, nothing less than 18 I assure you. AND all employed not students. GMT is illegal in the UK.
The fuck is a Emma Watson?
I would like fellow arrsers to come to the aid of Iron Duke.
Emma Watson, that dirty, gagging for it, DP ready is unknow to The Iron Duke.

Is he closet gay?
Is he in close conversation with Prince Albert:?

How do we educate him in the ways of giving one to a tight vixen?

Or do we just send him to spec savers?

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