Emma to get her kit off...???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uncle_vanya, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. So is Hermoine finally gonna get her kit off on screen......?

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  2. Is that a recent pic?

    I seem to have mis-placed my magnifying glass. Bugger!!
  3. I'd walk across lava for that wench.
  4. There's a youngster in the Mrs' dance class who's a fair facsimile, it's bloody painful.
  5. What's the point, she's got no tits.
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  6. now repeat after me. the meat is sweeter nearer the bone.

    Question. Do human beings have the same number of nerve endings? if so, imagine the sensations you would generate on those fun bags...

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  7. What's the painful bit, the fact you're never left alone together?
  8. The bit where you go to the bar after and she says "I'll sit on your knee"....
    And you realise that you're older than her Dad.... The Missus is there... And she doesn't even see you as a sexual being.
  9. The missus?....or the other woman?....or both!....:)
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  10. Fussy git, and there's always a point...
  11. If I could work out how to get the Missus to think that I'd be happy ;)
  12. If you have a penchant for little boys.
  13. Cool, you go off and fuck the birds with the meaty pendulous funbags and leave the lithe, gazelle like lasses to us non tit fixated types.
  14. I'd pay good money to see that.

    Oh. Right.