Emma Dent Coad

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CrashTestDummy, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. Given this creature's history of blundering statements, I feel she is deserving of her own thread now (J check completed, so apologies if it's already out there), before the BBC and other MSM outlets remove her cockwomblery from the front pages and slide them to the back to be hidden.

    Here are some of the latest cringeworthy, and downright racist, statements:

    MP accused of writing 'racist' blog post

    MP apologises over 'racist' blog post

    Kemi and Cleverly Call on Corbyn to Withdraw Whip From Dent Coad - Guido Fawkes
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  2. Hag
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  3. Typical response from a "London" centric Left wing Labour luvvie.
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  4. Not seen any anti semitism from her yet, so presumably Labour will throw her under a bus
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  5. Where to start? There is so much bellendery from this socialist paragon of marxist virtue... :)
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  6. They might "hang" on to her. There is more to come out and a lot of buses needed.
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    You can only imagine the volume of howling if this was a white conservative talking about a labour politician of colour.

    But it's alright, because if you're on the left anyone else is eeeevil innit?
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  8. #diversity

    Oh wait!
  9. Helicopter Action Group?
  10. I am astounded at the reaction to this case. Were she a Tory, then we'd be seeing front page headlines and OUTRAGE. I am surprised that this isn't the case here.
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  11. Has anyone got a link to a site showing her involvement in the organisation who ran Grenfell and her position on the council?
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  12. Hence my desire to have her comments immortalised here before they're swept under the carpet, along with her involvement in Grenfell prior to the fire.
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  13. Have a look at Clive Lewis defending her.
  14. I liked the early typo...Dent Coat...for some reason it made me think of that bucketheaded Aussie, Ned Kelly...
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