Emission stickers for BFG

As most of you may be aware, emission stickers are now required for going into different areas within Germany. Failure to have these sticker can result in a 40euro fine.

This is currently operating in the town centre of Hannover, Berlin and Cologne. Other cities will be joining this list in the near future.

It works on a traffic light system, green, yellow and red. green being anywhere, yellow more restrictive and so on. These areas will be shown with one of the colours mentioned above as you are approaching. Old vehicles or vehicles with high emissions will not get a sticker issued!

German authorites will "go easy" on RHD veh for approx 12 months.

Instructions come with your emissions sticker. However, the instructions curently tell you to stick the emi. sticker on to the windscreen, bottom right. An amendment has been made quite suddenly in last week and all stickers should be kept in the glove compartment of the veh and placed on the dash board when in use. This is due to the little buggers not coming off the windscreen thus defacing the sticker! (and more importantly making a mess of your veh winscreen!) A charge will be incured for a new one.

I have already stuck mine on before this new amendment! :x
I have had several sticky emissions, do I now have to declare and pay for them?
backlog on bfg issues-- cheeper to go to a german tuv garage and pay 8 euros and get one at once..
rebel- it has to be a BIG sticky mess...it's a SMALL sticker!

pupgreen- a week is a "back log"? BFG emi stickers free! check you're sentence!

Joseywales- Im not a fcukin GPS- just letting the people who want to know...KNOW!

MW, talks sence however, the fact that a Garrison decided to opt that you can place your sticker in the glove-department is wrong and they have now retracted it. Federal Goverment Germany states that it is stuck to the kerb-side of your screen if you wish to enter those areas operating the scheme. its up to you, BFGVLO issue a free sticker if your veh fits the criteria however, if you enter these areas then the FGG stands, No deviation is allowed. You have been warned 40 euros fine and 1 point on licence/permit.
I would suggest getting a bog-standard tax disc holder and putting sticker in this before putting on screen, especially if you have a shiny new motor

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