emigrating to the usa

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bitterandtwisted, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello, fellow arrsers!

    1. I am enquirying about emigrating to the USA. One my of relatives (half sister is a green card holder). i have 7 years in the mob left. She has a business over there and paying letigimate state tax in Fl. Is thier anyex -pats over there who can help me, please PM me for any advice. Should I apply now whilst I am in the military as I have heard it can take a considerable period of time? Please PM me if you have any useful info or advice.

    2. Apologies if this thread has been posted before.

    3. Regards and thanks Bitterandtwisted.
  2. I've been looking into the same sort of thing myself. The best thing you could do is to call the American embassy in london. They'll give you the gen.

    I don't think that half sister is a close enough relative for immigration. As far as I know you must be a dependant, which I assume you're not(!!!). depnding on her business and your trade, you may be able to enter on a works visa. However you are then restricted to the type of work you can do once in the States.

    The other option is the green card lottery. Here your name is entered into a random lottery and a fixed number are drawn out each year (around 100'000). "Winners" get entry into the country.

    I'm looking at going in on a works visa with a view to applying for a green card once there. The rules may be a bit different for me as I'll be entering a pinch-point trade (nursing) and so my migration is fairly straight forward. Even so the process should still take me about 18 months from initial application to landing in the US.

    Getting into the US is a bit of a hassle these days. Unless you have an internationally recognised qualification in a required trade, you are going to have some trouble.
  3. Sorry mate but the green card lottery is not open to anyone from the UK
    Have 8 years left and we are setting the wheels into motion now
  4. So how does it work if you buy a house in Florida then? (I spent last week on leave trying to sort out the house - with the telly on in the corner and I now know everything there is to know about buying property abroad...or not)!

  5. Oops my mistake! Can't really say I've looked at this side of things much as my application is being processed by my (future) employer.