Emigrating to NZ-pros and Cons please?

Hi Guys (and Gals) this place gets me down sometimes-well ok, most days.

I miss the travel to exotic, far off locations and have been to South Island (in 1989) and NZ is one beautiful place.

Facts though, what is it like to live in and what are the pro's and con's of a life down under please?

It is one thing to visit a place but totally different when you have to live in it 24/7.

Many thanks


Some serious crime problems amongst the Maori community.
Its a bloody long way from blighty - no popping back to see mates/family or to get marmite or proper beer.
Kiwi 'irritable vowel sydrome' (e.g. 'fash and chaps') gets annoying
Wages are lower, like for like, than the UK. (prices are lower too though, so economic standard of living is comparable).
I saw the Maori biker gangs and heard of the crime wave amongst the indiginous but as I said that was twenty years back.

Lower wages isn't a problem, lower cost of living, higher standard of living etc. Pension adds a bit to the equation plus uk assets being sold off leaves a lot of spare to invest. Weather was better and apart from the driving standards (I have since spent quite a few years in Sandier places so am used to wukfits driving) and the sandflies I don't remember much that was a negative?
Hi Gloworm. We emigrated to NZ (NI) in 2004. We have never looked back and have a better standard of life here than in the UK. The biggest down side is the wages paid by employers and prices are rising in the shops as in every other country. If you have the money from the sale of UK assets you should be able to buy a decent house and lifestyle.

Immigration is an issue with rising unemployment amongst the Kiwi folks and I suggest if you have not already done so view the NZ Gov Immigration website. The easiest way we found to get here was applying for a 2yr work visa and once here (Cheaper) applying for Perminant Residence.

Feel free to PM me and I will help if I can with info.
I have seen quite a few folk come out here from the UK and fail to settle in well, due, I am convinced by their inability to let go the ties to their family and friends they left behind.
It is a huge step to uproot ones family and move to the other side of the world and it takes commitment to make it work.
There is no paradise on this earth and this country does have its share of problems as have been noted above. They are problems that we are trying hard to address and our population is still small enough for us to have a good chance of success.

Having said all that, there are some wonderful opportunities here that you may well not be able to access in Blighty.
No one can make the decision for you, you must do your own research, there are a multitude of resources available to you, and draw your own conclusions.

I said that I have seen lots fail but I have also seen many thousands put down new roots successfully and who now love it here.

It can be a great adventure. Good luck.
Never been there - though I'd love to.

If you've got a bit of cash, and you aren't burdened by sentimental or emotional ties, many places are better to live in than the UK. If only for the weather.
Its a great place but outside of Auckland - and perhaps Wellington- the pace of life might be slow for those used to UK city life. Teenage children might find the countryside dull, but Queenstown is the place for dangerous sports. South Island is tremendous-Christchurch and Dunedin are gems. Its clean, green andd the people friendly. The beer's OK and the food and wine world class. To get in you'll need a skill or a reasonable amount of money. And once you get residence you can move to Sidney like most Kiwis! :)
Thanks all, I'll keep you posted, any questions I encounter and I'll be in touch.

Many thanks

Mate of mine emigrated to NZ last year.
Relatively money has bought him a nice place in the country, got himself a decent job within a few weeks of having the appropriate paperwork in his hands.
He is really impressed with the very liberal firearms laws, from what I understand a licence is easy to get and once you have it you can pretty much buy anything you please.
Everything seems to operate on common sense there, insurance for your car is apparently opional and as a consequence its cheap if you do want it.
Policing is sensible and appropriate.

By all accounts, life is slower paced and good. I'm suffering temptation myself!

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