Emigrating to Canada with a disabled child?

Then think again! My mate has just been denied access due to his disabled daughter. Here's his email that he has sent to an MP;

here is my letter to a MP over here explaining what happened at the airport.

On 12th July 2008, I entered Canada via Halifax international airport. I have been nominated by the Province of Nova Scotia, under the community identified stream. The Provinces have requested a work permit for me, which is being processed in London. I expect the work permit to arrive in 2-4 weeks. I presented myself to the first border guard and explained that I was here for a holiday, although I have been nominated by the Province, and I was unsure how to answer some of the questions on the border entry card I was given on the flight over. I was told no problem, see immigration at there desk and they will tell you what you need to do.

Once there I spoke to a border guard called Colleen Clarke, and explained that we were here on holiday and when our work permits arrived we would leave and re enter to land under the work permits. Colleen Clarke initially said yes, that’s fine you can drive to the border and do that no problem. She mentioned St Stephens as a place on the border.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed and she said” Why have you brought your daughter to Canada?”

I said “What do you mean?”

She said” Your daughter has a life ban entering the country because she is disabled”.

She explained that in 2005 when I applied to study at university in Canada, my daughter was denied entry to Canada under reg. 38(1) as she was likely to cause excessive needs to the Canadian social services over the 4 year term of the course” I said I understand the regulation, but the law has subsequently changed and she is entitled to a individual assessment and we are entitled to re apply.

However, Colleen Clarke explained that once the assessment had been carried out my daughter had a life ban and she can never enter Canada even on holiday.

I said ”so if we turned up here, lets forgot the nominee program, as a holiday maker she isn’t allowed in the country because she is disabled.

Colleen Clarke replied” Yes, she has come to our attention as disabled, and she has a life ban. She is classed in the same way as someone who has committed DUI” (I took this as some sort of drink drive offence.)

My wife then asked her again to repeat her answer and she confirmed that because Lucy is disabled she cannot ever entry Canada even as a holiday maker, even under a UK passport.

I said “That cannot be, we have been to Canada three times in the last two years, and they have swiped our passports at the border, with no problems. Colleen Clarke said” Then that must be a fluke”. I said “What a fluke 3 times!!” She said” “They may have different systems to us, I don’t know.”

I asked whether I could speak to her boss, but she just said” I’m in charge, it is my decision and these are our laws”

We were detained for over 5 hours, and threatened with being put on the next plane to London. She told me that she could not see my work permit visas on the system. I said” I know they are with London, can’t we just come in as tourists like I asked.

Colleen Clarke replied “No your daughter has a life ban from entering Canada because she is disabled.”

She said to me” Did it not occur to you to check whether your daughter could enter Canada before you made any trip here?”

I said” Why would think that she wouldn’t be allowed into Canada as a disabled person” “She is here on holiday, she cannot access any Canadian health or social services, she is like any other holiday maker, she has travel insurance.

I explained that the excessive needs regulation is a calculation made over a number of years to establish whether someone would cause excessive demand on the system.

“She said “ No its not, it has nothing to do with a calculation”. I showed her the regulation that I found in my paperwork. Colleen Clarke went away and studied it.

Initially I was told that we would be allowed to stay until 27th August 2008. This would mean that there was no danger of trying to put Lucy in school. I told her that there’s no danger anyway, as we have no visas, so we couldn’t. She then changed her mind and said that she is going on holiday, would do some enquiries, and then come back to us.

Eventually we were allowed to enter Canada, but had our passports seized, and told we would have a telephone interview on 23rd July 2008, at 5pm to tell us whether we are staying or having to go.

I arranged for all the visa paperwork that London has, to be faxed to Colleen Clarke, and confirmed that it was received at her office.

When she rang me on 23rd July to tell me that we would have to leave the country, she stated that she had not read the paperwork I sent her, and she didn’t need to. She said she had all the information she needed. I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t read the information. I was informed that I would be required to report to immigration at 6pm on Wednesday 30th July 2008, to be sent from the country back the United Kingdom.

This is obviously going to cause me serious problems, as I have sold my house in the UK, in order to fund the plans for the business we were going to create in Halifax. We were investing over $500,000cdn and were going to create 25 additional jobs for Nova Scotia. The immigration has been carefully planned with the Provinces, Greater Halifax Partnership, and various Councillors, all who have supported me in my plans. No one can explain why my daughter has a life ban for being disabled, although various politicians have tried to help with our situation.

For the record, I have never received notification that my daughter has been barred from entering Canada, and nothing has been stamped into her passport. I feel this is a misinterpretation of the regulations, and now Canadian border services don’t want to back down, having made a decision. I understand the Permanent Resident requirements as regards assessing a disabled child, and I am prepared for this process. My complaint is that my daughter Lucy C****** is banned for life from entering Canada because she is disabled. She may never enter Canada as a holiday maker. There is nothing else that I have been made aware off. This is about my daughter being disabled.

This is a breach of her human rights under the UN Charter, and is totally discriminatory against disabled people.

Thank you for any assistance you can render me at this time.
This, in his own words describes the 'disability'
She's 7, and has a rare syndrome called Angelman's. Left her with big learning delays (she a 2-3 year in her head) and no speech. She was a one in million chance, as the gene copied over when she was made, but fell off.

So, she gets the diagnoisis, but luckily doesn't need drugs, has no siezures, needs no wheelchairs etc. All she had in UK was going to a special needs school. I had a school all lined here in Nova Scotia already to accept her.
I think I'll be crossing Canada of my favourite holiday destination now :evil:
Un FUCKING believeable, that a country like Canada, part of the Empire at one time and now part of the Commonwealth, can act like this. Is it just British disabled or have they gone down the same route as Britain, let foreign immigrants in, but screw the Brit.
Eeek - hoping to move there avec mon wifey Canadienuck. We don't have disabled kids mind, or kids at all, but I feel for the chap. That's totally wrong. I would go so far as to suggest that I am outraged people can be treated in that manner.
It appears the Border Guards have more power than any MP :?

We have been on Channel 9 news, and I think the Chronicle Herald here in Nova Scotia is running the story tomorrow or Sunday. Politicans have tried to help but a border guard has more power than them.
Just quoting what he's saying and I truly hope that it is sorted out as I always thought of Canada as a laid back type of country.

That country has a province full of mentally disabled in Quebec.

I feel for the lad.

Canada, hang your head in shame.
Outlaw the handicapped.

Open up an Island off the Coast of France, say Guernsey?

Extradite all Non contributors, faulty and broken people, then allow the rest of the planet to experiment with munitions of their choice.

Every two weeks drop a pallet of Eclairs, tambourines, lollys and lick proof toilet paper.

'Canada Pioneers a non spac population'
I was so outraged to hear this I dressed up as a mountie, stood outside the Canadian embassy and sang "I'm a mongoloid and I'm o.k
I drool all night and I drool all day,
I like to eat mashed vegies
And lick windows in the car
When riding in the sunshine bus,
I like to yell "Millaaarr".
Well of course its funny.

The only thing funnier than faulty people being persecuted is faulty people being electrocuted
I think it's a matter of flight safety.

It's now been confirmed that the damage to the quantas jumbo jet was caused by a rogue downs syndrome kid who was tethered up in the hold with the gold clubs and animals, who broke free and licked his f ucking window clean out of it's frame.

Can you imagine if you had to put on your life jackets...

"And please do not inflate your lifejacket before leaving the aircraft, or little Jacob here (points to massive headed grinner) Will think you are a balloon and trample you to death in excitement."
What I don't understand is why they didn't just bung the hole with the spaz, if it got sucked out and fell to earth, does it really matter?
shortfuse said:
I think it's a matter of flight safety.

It's now been confirmed that the damage to the quantas jumbo jet was caused by a rogue downs syndrome kid who was tethered up in the hold with the gold clubs and animals, who broke free and licked his f ucking window clean out of it's frame.

Can you imagine if you had to put on your life jackets...

"And please do not inflate your lifejacket before leaving the aircraft, or little Jacob here (points to massive headed grinner) Will think you are a balloon and trample you to death in excitement."
I believe the scenario about an aircraft being taken over by a colony of mongs escaping from the cargo hold was covered in the well known movie "Belmers On A Plane".
sell said chld to McCans throw in free package holiday.............end of problem
Corporal said:
Instead of midget throwing, we could start the Arrse Mong Throwing League. Bounces don't count.
steady on, the correct application of school cricket's "one hand, one bounce" could take on a new meaning if you put the right spin on the mong so it does an impromptu handstand and gets a bit more range.

Of course, it could bounce back, but like rugby, enough momentum and the ball keeps going
whats the fuss for?
i bet your "mate" would whinge like a good un if a mong kid was brought into this country to take up specialised medical care away from homegrown mongs, why do you expect a country that thinks its part France wants his kid there there is no free health in any country like ours you know they are doig your "mate2 a favour

Also why didnt your "mate" post about this i reckon it's your mong so fess up


Thats assuming we had anyone at the border to stop them!
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