Emigrating to Canada with a disabled child?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Recce19, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Then think again! My mate has just been denied access due to his disabled daughter. Here's his email that he has sent to an MP;

    This, in his own words describes the 'disability'
    I think I'll be crossing Canada of my favourite holiday destination now :evil:
  2. Un FUCKING believeable, that a country like Canada, part of the Empire at one time and now part of the Commonwealth, can act like this. Is it just British disabled or have they gone down the same route as Britain, let foreign immigrants in, but screw the Brit.
  3. Eeek - hoping to move there avec mon wifey Canadienuck. We don't have disabled kids mind, or kids at all, but I feel for the chap. That's totally wrong. I would go so far as to suggest that I am outraged people can be treated in that manner.
  4. Could always sell the kid.
  5. It appears the Border Guards have more power than any MP :?

    Just quoting what he's saying and I truly hope that it is sorted out as I always thought of Canada as a laid back type of country.
  6. Unbelievable.

    That country has a province full of mentally disabled in Quebec.

    I feel for the lad.

    Canada, hang your head in shame.
  7. Outlaw the handicapped.

    Open up an Island off the Coast of France, say Guernsey?

    Extradite all Non contributors, faulty and broken people, then allow the rest of the planet to experiment with munitions of their choice.

    Every two weeks drop a pallet of Eclairs, tambourines, lollys and lick proof toilet paper.

    'Canada Pioneers a non spac population'
  8. I was so outraged to hear this I dressed up as a mountie, stood outside the Canadian embassy and sang "I'm a mongoloid and I'm o.k
    I drool all night and I drool all day,
    I like to eat mashed vegies
    And lick windows in the car
    When riding in the sunshine bus,
    I like to yell "Millaaarr".
  9. Not funny at all.
  10. Well of course its funny.

    The only thing funnier than faulty people being persecuted is faulty people being electrocuted
  11. What about faulty people being prostituted?
  12. I think it's a matter of flight safety.

    It's now been confirmed that the damage to the quantas jumbo jet was caused by a rogue downs syndrome kid who was tethered up in the hold with the gold clubs and animals, who broke free and licked his f ucking window clean out of it's frame.

    Can you imagine if you had to put on your life jackets...

    "And please do not inflate your lifejacket before leaving the aircraft, or little Jacob here (points to massive headed grinner) Will think you are a balloon and trample you to death in excitement."
  13. What I don't understand is why they didn't just bung the hole with the spaz, if it got sucked out and fell to earth, does it really matter?
  14. I believe the scenario about an aircraft being taken over by a colony of mongs escaping from the cargo hold was covered in the well known movie "Belmers On A Plane".
  15. Instead of midget throwing, we could start the Arrse Mong Throwing League. Bounces don't count.