Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by qman, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Yep-I gots me a one way ticket

  2. Nope - I just loves it too much

  1. Was having a conversation t'other day and the general consensus of opinion was heavily biased in favour of all fecking off and the leaving the whole shebang. I for one am actively looking for a route out of this shitehole just as soon as the pension is in the bag.

    Any one care to join me? We could all chip in and buy an island somewhere! No Svens or Frenchpersons allowed!
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Waiting on the right job offer as I'm too tight!
  3. already got mine.
  4. All I have to do is convince the missus now, you do however make it even more pleasing by saying "No Svens or Frenchpersons allowed". Maybe we COULD even all live together and actually strive for things instead of being a prole.
  5. No.

    If we go, then those cnuts have won; I'll die in a ditch before I see the land of Elizabeth, Drake, Palmerston, Pitt, Wilberforce, Burke, Churchill, Scott of the Antarctic, Mallory, Elgar and so many others, go to the dogs.

    I refuse to give in to the proles who find BB a window on their soul, or the pus-nuts goat-fcuking @rseholes in Government who would deny someone like Bahadur Pun VC entry into the country.

    Fcuk the lot of them, I'm staying.
  6. I have just had my emails back from the ADF, but same as most i expect i am a pension slave at the minute...6 yrs to grind out.

  7. Well said

    I will stand with you
  8. I view UK (plc) as sort of like a club. Any club is only as good or bad as it's members. Like-minded individuals will always have a better 'club' than those that let anybody in. This country has let in far too many of the 'wrong' sort whilst at the same time breeding disharmony within it's members - ergo the club has gone to rat shite.

    Kick out the rotten eggs (not going to happen).
    Start a new club (any viable spare land masses going? Didn't think so)
    Go to another club you find better (that'll be Oz for me) - emigrate, we have a winner.
  9. Paperwork is in...just waiting for the nod!
  10. Thought about it many times.
    I suspect I may be sorry but I'm not going anywhere.
    This is my country, I don't want to be anything other than British.
    Just because it has been under the grip of that tw@t Blair for a while and Uncle Gordon will wreak havoc with it for a while after him doesn't mean I love my country any less.
    I will stay in the vain hope that someday politicians will be forced to remember their place in society and Britain is allowed to become the country and home of by dreams.
    Unrealistic and fanciful but its my country too damnit
  11. I was interested in joining the NZ Army but they're not interested. Now looking to go anywhere but not Oz (too hot). I understand the sentiments of not giving in to the w@nkers but I feel the war is lost before the battle has started. There can be no turning from the road Bliar has led us down. A fractured Britain. Unemployment figures disguised with McJobs, immigrants receiving more benefits and handouts from a welfare state that ignores those that fund it. An NHS incapable of administering itself. A taxation regime that sees the citizens of this country as a cash cow. Etc Etc Etc Etc. Blair came to power on Eductaion Education Education and will leave this country in a state of Damnation Damnation Damnation.
  12. Fallschirmmongsturm, for as much as I admire your stance, I fear that it would take civil war to return this once proud nation to an acceptable level for me to remain any longer than necessary.

    I, for one, plan to depart these islands shortly, on a small yacht (room enough for me and a pretty English Rose as ship's company), and to venture forth onto the oceans. Well, the warm bits anyway.

    I shall, of course, fly proudly the Red Ensign as I wend my way around the Caribbean, supping local intoxicants and soaking up the sunshine. Hopefully, the BBC World Service (English Language Programme, while it lasts), will be my constant companion, reminding me of why I'm making such a sacrifice.
  13. Son, DinLaw and 4 grandkids off to NZ in September (Well done that man) - they've had to prove that they're properly skilled, speak English, have a job to go to, are medically fit and have no criminal record(s).

    In their place the UK is to receive a family of 6 Pakistanis who are uneducated, unskilled, don't speak English, have no work to go to and one of whom is developing TB, for which she'll receive long term treatment on the NHS.
  14. and therein lies the lesson Mr Blair!
  15. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about the next 5years in this country, call my pigheaded but i wont leave, I might retreat to a quieter, lighter part of my country but they'll never take my land or love for what essentially should be the most amazing piece of land on the planet, an Englishman's home is his castle