emigrate or stay ?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by semper, Oct 14, 2004.

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  1. stay in UK

  2. USA

  3. Canada

  4. Australia

  5. New Zealand

  6. Germany

  7. scandinavia

  8. Spain

  9. Far East ( Thailand, indonesia etc)

  10. Europe ( France, Belgium, italy etc)

  1. if you had the choice yourselves considering the state of the country, would you choose to emigrate or stay in the UK?

    if none of the above please state where
  2. Now where did I put my passport?
  3. Stay. The rest of the world sucks dogs nobber! Including Canada and Convict Island.
  4. As coincidence would have it, my application to Australia's department of immigration went in the post today. Took fecking ages to complete the form (35 pages) and produce all the copy documents required.

    If accepted, won't make final decision 'til after the election. If Bliar wins, we're off.
  5. Went travelling to South Africa, Oz, thailand and Vietnam for 5 months when I was made redundant in January 2003. have to say that everywhere I went I thought to myself, "I could live here".
    Currently doing teacher training and it is a qualification that is internationally recognised and have to say that I might well end up in NZ or Oz. Currently living and studying in Glasgow but not happy about being back. A teacher in Oz can reasonably have a detached house with a huge garden and a pool - a labourer could have that for that matter. Don't want to sound like some old git but the UK is going downhill rapidly.
  6. Slightly off thread but WTF.

    Getting paper work done for move to Oz required police checks for everywhere you had lived in past 10 years. For us this included Hong Kong and Wales. The Peoples Republic of China had the report signed and back to us in 3 weeks (including post time) but the good old South Wales Police took 7 months and required 2 repeat submission because they kept losing the forms.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That must be why the Monkeys are part of the Clerks these days.

    One mob to do the difficult stuff and another to wear red caps.

  8. Haaa
    Left the army in 96, came to the Middle East for 5 weeks, 10 years later am still here. Now own a house and business in New Zealand, looking to buy another house shortly.... Where in the world is the UK, India or Bangladesh?
  9. So Sandy Boots which part of Australia are you moving to?
  10. left uk when Blair came to power, lived in spain for 7 years but too many brits/irish here now :lol: so am moving on.....Off on a months recce to central america next week. Lets face it spent most of my life abroad in the services so its not really a problem, more an attitude of mind.
  11. To old for Australia. I have no interest in moving to USA but am seriously considering the eastern europian countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Etc.) as there seems to be a chance to make a name for yourself other than making the news as a crime statistic.

    Whereever you go, remember to adhere to the local customs. OH and enjoy the beer :p
  12. Well I have been living in The Netherlands for just over the past 10 years. I would go to New Zealand in a heartbeat if I could convince the girlfriend who is from Canada, and keen to go back there one day.

    However, at the moment it is easier for her to get into NZ than me into Canada. I just happen to have an NZ passport as well as a UK one.

    So if the right opportunity raises its head we may well be off soon.
  13. Canada or NZ sound like an Idea. However Do I wan't to cut the Ties to my freinds and family?
  14. Been living in oz now for five years (Brisbane - Queensland) perfect climate, own a four bed house on a 1000m square block for the cost of a shoe box in the UK, would i go back would i feck, however many papers the emigration document is its worth it trust me
  15. uk... FC UK Blair is destroying UK am quite happily living in the sun Cyprus at the moment may move somewhere else but def not uk