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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by VANDAMME, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Now Im'e sure this post will attract a lot of response, firstly I am not having a pop at the Emergency services because they do a brilliant job and a lot of members are ex forces.

    The point I am going to make is why do the emergency services turn out en masse for the slightest minor traffic accident and cause more chaos and pandamoneum than already caused...weve all seen them, there's no denying it.

    Today whilst travelling down the M40, I happened upon a que of traffic, there were no end of blue flashing lights whizzing down the hard shoulder obviously going to a serious accident, as I got nearer and slower I could see the "incident" it was an empty lorry that had driven off the motorway and come to a gentle rest on a slight incline, incidentaly the driver looked OK sat up on a stretcher.
    I counted the number of emergency vehicles that had now blocked 2 lanes of the motorway...4 fire engines, 3 ambulances, 2 paramedic cars and enought marked and unmarked police cars to fill the English channel.
    Then...came the Highways agency and a couple of recovery trucks.
    I would estimate there to have been approx 14 emergency vehicles on the scene...probably about 30/35 personel?

    What's it all about?
    It's madness gone mad

    I suspect that horrible Mr Health and safety is sticking his unwanted head in somewhere, but, they need to get a grip and stop over reacting
  2. Even worse are drivers slowing down to have a gawp at all the blue lights on the opposite carriageway. Do people lead such boring, dull little lives, that the 'thrill' of viewing some prang on the motorway is worth causing a 5 mile tailback for? Cnuts.
  3. ..erm, yes. :oops:
  4. It was obviously a very boring day for the ES. In all seriousness the accident could have happened on the border of several police, fire, ambulance districts, causing the ES control room s to send the nearest vehicles, or you missed the bus full of children that the truck had knocked into the next county. But generally the ES don't know what they're going to because the calls from the public are not usually specific enough so they units volunteer to attend the call, and if they find out it's an over kill they will make a sharp exit back to the canteen :wink:
  5. Some of the members who are still in the Police can maybe answer, as my own experiences are a tad out of date.

    It used to be that on arrival at an RTA scene, you protected the locus from other traffic (signs etc) you dealt with casualties, then you cleared the roadway to facillitate traffic flow. Once that was done you then started investigating the cause.

    It seems now that the inestigating side has taken over (tail wagging dog as per normal) and we see roads closed for longer and longer. A couple of years back the M90 was shut for 17 yes seventeen hours while they faffed about with their theodolites, their videos and their digi cameras.

    We had an Olympus Trip, a piece of chalk and a tape measure and if a road wasn't opened 30 minutes after your arrival, HQ kicked up merry hell.

    Still, that's progress for you.
  6. It's casualties first and foremost, and rightly so, (it may be different on the motorway, but there aren't any in central London so i wouldn't know). Do you remember the accronym SAD CHALET. It's still in use and relevant. 8O
  7. Don't recall that accronym, but I was in the Jock Cops, so we probably had a different one.

    One thing I do recall, dedicated motorway vehicles were funded by Cent Gov't, not the local authority. Every year the bean counters would check the usage and if they (counters) felt the vehicle was not being used enough, it was withdrawn. Ergo, Traffic Cops made sure they were always being used, so they could keep their nice shiny shiny.

    Might explain why all the vehicles turned up. 8)
  8. Ah.. it's a tad different down here. All the traffic, Road Policing Units, whatever they want to call themselves are funded by the local Policing Authority. But stands to reason, if they're not being used they are gotten rid of. A lot of County forces amalgamated their Armed response with the traffic role to save cash, (thankfully no one has yet turned up to a shooting and given the shooter a fixed penalty for defective lights yet) :roll:
  9. Its not usually the emergency services causing the dramas, but the traffic wombles, who shut down vast swathes of carriageway because a wing mirror has fallen off.
  10. A wing mirror could prove very dangerous to a child cycling on the motorway :)
  11. And thr OAP travelling the wrong way on the motorway :roll:
  12. The initial response is down to the quality of the information received in the 999 call centre. For a start every man and his dog calls it in on a mobile as they zip past in the opposite direction at 90.

    Said man and dog frequently only have the most tenuous idea of where they actually are so a single collision ends up being reported by 40 odd calls over a 50 mile stretch of motorway.

    Anyone seen still sitting in their car is often reported as being 'trapped' when all they are really doing is either calling 999 themselves or having a wibble about stuffing daddys Range Rover into some poor sod in a traffic queue. If persons are reported (trapped) the Fire Brigade will turf out a few trucks, likewise if there's oil spilt.

    We are always happy to see a few Fire Trucks turn up at an incident, simply from the safety side of things... they make nice big barriers when you are trying to work on a semi-live carriageway populated by idiots. If you do need to start chopping cars I'd rather have too many of them on scene than too few and have to wait for their colleagues to rock up.

    Where I work the services work together to reduce the disruption on the road network and incidents will be cleared as quickly as possible. However, if there's a death or possibly life threatening injury the Police treat the it as a potential crime scene and the road will be shut until they have completed their evidence gathering.
  13. It is going the way of the US. They send an ambulance and a fire engine for a heart attack victim. Why they do that I don't know. I can only imagine that the fire engine may generally be first and can administer first aid before the ambulance gets there.

    I recall whilst visiting a US camp in Kuwait, there was a small bin fire outside the McDs (probably started by a fag end). Three fire engines tipped up, a and the supervisor..so in all 4 vehicles to put out a small bin fire, which indecently was already out because passers-by had already put it out.
  14. Did someone p1ss on it in public?

  15. Given that this is the septics we are talking about I am surprised Delta Force wern't deployed immediatly followed up, by a full scale invasion of a small islamic country and a tactical nuclear strike to round things off. An attack on one is an attack on all.

    Statement by George Bush

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