Emergency service LSGC



I'm led to believe that if you do an inter-service transfer from Army to Navy etc without a break in service you still qualify for the requisite LSGC medal of the current service you are on(although I stand to be corrected on that).
Does any one have info on wether the same applys to the emergency service LSGC if you make a seamless transfer?
Are you meaning an inter service transfer? i.e between Police forces for example. I,m fairly sure the answer in this case would be yes.
So that if you started in one county force and then transfered to another then any time served in the first would count towards a LSGC in the second.
Not being pedantic here but there is no emergency service LSGC as such and each service has their own version including i believe, the Prison service.
There is no transfer between different emergency services either and you would have to resign from one in order to work for another except in a part time role.
There used to be a law preventing Police officers serving in fire services and vice versa but i think this may now have been repealed so thatin theory a full time
firefighter could become a part time constable or vice versa.
Military service does not count when calculating service for the award of a police LS&GC. Inter-force transfers DO count, because this counts as Police Authority service. Military service is excluded, indeed in my force it is referred to specifically in the criteria.

Another 18 months wait for me then. I suppose i'll survive.

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