Emergency Question - I Need Help!!!

I realise that this is not the proper forum for asking for this sort of help, but its something of an emergency and I hope I can rely on the breadth of knowledge in here.

The future Mrs Twatty works as a bar supervisor in a pub and last Friday she was asked to attend a disciplinary meeting the next day. The meeting was held in a booth in the pub in open view of all the customers and other staff.

She was questioned about stock shortages for which she is in no way responsible. I won't go into the detail, but I know she is not and cannot be responsible.

The managers (who are under investigation themselves) have given her a written warning that will go on her file for 12 months.

She has worked there for eight years but is not aware of an written employment contract.

She has heard (completely off the record) that someone is going to be sacked.

She was the only staff member to be given a warning as all the other staff had their disciplinary interviews postponed and then changed to investigatory interviews. None of which have taken place.

She is now in a right state and fears that she will be railroaded, set up as a scapegoat and sacked.

As I have no experience of civvy employment shite, all I can do is try to comfort her and reassure her, but have no knowledge of what to say.

Anyone able to give any pointers or assistance?

And before you ask, no I will not post a piccie of her tits. They are large, round, lovely and far to good for you fuckers to see!
How can she not have some sort of employment contract? Get her to ask the business for a copy of her contract.

You can possibly take the employer to court for constructive dismisal.

Now......she us her tits you miserable cunt.
ACAS is your friend. Their site has all the answers. They also have a help line. Just because there isn't a written contract doesn't mean she hasn't established 'customer and practice' and she's just as protected. Shouldn't do disciplinary in open pub. Must give her warning first and option for someone to be with her. So many breaches already. Ripe for action on her part whether or not she is sacked. If it develops and you need more help PM me and I can ask my HR person to have a look at it. Are you sure you won't show us her tits?

Edited for being a twat.
Clearly you are lying about the state of your frau's tits: if they were as you describe then no pub managment would even think of getting rid of her as good norks bring in the punters.

So you do need to post a photo.

Get her to go to a citizen's advice bureau asap and then to a soliciter specialising in employement law (hence the trip to the CAB). You can normally get the first 30 minutes or 1 hour for free advice from some solicitors.

Good luck (and don't forget the photos of the norks: a video clip of them being played with helps us to define firmness, etc).
As this is the NAAFI, bum wee piss and caterpillars.

Sensibly, does your missis want to work in a place where they treat her like that? If they ask her leave, perhaps that would be the best thing anyway.


Can't offer any advice, however I think I should warn you that the overwhelming opinion is that you need to be more forthcoming with photographic evidence.
What eric said. now, the tits please? I said please.
Mrs. A is a HR Director; I won't show her this (don't want her to know how much time I spend in the NAAFI) BUT from experience of her rantings in similar situations...

The whole process is wrong, initial meeting should have been private, if the bosses are under investigation for the same suspected offence, they can't do an investigation into her, if she's taking the money, that's as good as signing the contract. First step is to talk to her own HR department (if the pub has managers, I'm guessing it's part of a chain like Witherspoons, who will not want their managers breaking any employment law). They (the HR bods) should go mental about this. Concurrent activity is to talk to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, then start looking for another job because they've obviously got the knives in her. Don't quit though, because they could end up owing money if they continue to treat her as you've described.

Please bear in mind that listening to me on this is a bit like taking racing tips from a bloke in the pub, and get some professional help.
The formal process for grounds for dismissal is along the lines of military disicpline, it cannot be carried out immediately unless for gross misconduct (proof required, and not suspicion alone). Therefore the process should be verbal warning, then upto three written warnings, if dismissal is given all warnings should be for the same or similar offence. Your future Mrs should be able to appeal any warnings given to her and can choose her representative from any of the mangament not involved with the issue of any disciplinary procedures, this by no means goes against her record and should be dealt with in a formal manner. If she wishes further advice I suggest she has a look at the ACAS website who will give her more in depth advice. Hope this helps, if not get round there and drop the nut on the backstabbing thieving cunts!!!!


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How can she not have some sort of employment contract? Get her to ask the business for a copy of her contract.

You can possibly take the employer to court for constructive dismisal.

Now......she us her tits you miserable cunt.
Constructive dismissal is a bit of a ball ache to prove and can drag along.


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1. Get professional advice.
2. Keep a written record of everything that happens - dates, times, who was present, rough notes of who said what.
3. Get professional advice.

You might want to put this in the legal section rather than the NAAFI.
Should things get thus far..a tribunal will ask her employer three questions: is this action fair, can you justify the action taken, have you exhausted all of your own internal procedures? If the answer to any of those questions is "no", the tribunal will rule against the employer at which time said employer normally reaches for the chequebook (presuming she doesn't want to work for the twats any more).
Try and discreetly record all future conversations with management. A small recording device shouldn't cost the earth.

As this is the NAAFI, perhaps you should share some pics of your wife's breasts and talk nicely to whoever organises ARRSE pub crawls. Perhaps the next one could begin (or end) in your wife's pub. An unnerving prospect for management to say the least...
Thanks guys.

More than enough to be going on with.

I have already offered to break some noses, but the future Mrs Twatty is a much gentler creature than I and wouldn't let me.

She was also already considering moving to another chain. But had not yet done anything concrete.

And you still ain't seeing her tits. They're mine I tells ya! Mine!!!

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