Emergency Payments!

Is there a system for emergency advances of outstanding pay to be paid at unit level? I am currently owed over £1600 in back pay, and as the TA is my main employer (I'm a student at the moment) this has led to serious mortgage etc. problems. I've heard rumours that it is possible to have this done, but as my PSAO is away this week, I thought I 'd ask the good citizens of arrse world.....
I seem to remember they may be some form of payment possible not sure if its discressionary at unit or sub unit level your unit RAO should know (in lieu of PSAO if he is not there).
For what you are owed if you are in true financial dire straits I am sure that if you chat to your Coy, Sqn 2ic they would advise you to speak to your Unit RAO at HQ he can follow up in lieu of your missing PSAO. If they are good commanders they wll call him for you to add some weight to the request for follow up. After all if all the paperwork for your pay has been submitted then you just need to get someone to kick APC Glasgow in the Ass for payment or explanation.

Good luck dear boy


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