Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legs, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. OK, a bit melodramatic for a title, but the question still stands.

    It has been said (by other Arrsers at least) that Great Britain is on the verge of implosion. Crime, dishonour, economy, pride, ethics, abuse, apathy and so on.

    Now, without stupid unrealistic ideas (the hang all politicians/dole scroungers/Guardian readers type of thing) what can be done to save Great Britain? Can she be saved? What are the best and worst possible (ie, realistic) outcomes of the way we are headed now?
  2. Germany always found invading France helped! :wink:
  3. People have been banging on about Britain in terminal decline for nearly 40 years, and whilst it has its ups and downs, those living in this period have seen their standard of living increase significantly (are they happier? Don't know)

    But if you read the Daily Mail everyday and believe what you read, you'd top yourself.

    Crime is falling in most areas, but other crimes are out of control and virtually unpunished
  4. I think I would like to try:-

    1. Get a grip om imigration. Only allow people to enter who will be good for the economy.

    2. Change the benefit system so that;
    a. nobody is ever worse off fo going to work.
    b. Nobody gets benefits for doing nothing.
    c. People from outside the UK have to earn the right to UK benefits.

    3. Change the NHS so that;
    a. Hospital treatment is decided by medical staff.
    b. Nursing starts as a practical tuition/training occupation that can become more accademical later on.
    c. Money is spent only on better treatment for patients and very little on things such as office furniture/art etc.

    Then hold a referendum on remaining in the EU. What to do after that would depend on the outcome of the referendum.
  5. We need to restore Justice in this country - we need police on the streets of every village and every part of the town, acting as proper community policemen, not in cars or dressed like extras from Judge Dredd. We then need the system to lock people up for appropriate periods, but with real opportunities to educate and train and reform. However, 3 strikes, and they really are 'out'. We also need to tackle the education system, stop trying to use schools as 'social engineering' factories, and to re-instil discipline from the very start. We need to stop focusing on 'rights' to the exclusion of all other aspects of society - such as responsibilities. Both of these are likely to require us to leave the EU, since we no longer have control of our borders or justice. We should also call a halt to immigration - not in a 'I'm a member of the BNP' sort of way, but in a welcoming 'right, we need to take the time for those people here to be absorbed into society and for society to evolve'. Whilst the floodgates remain open, integration will not happen and we will continue to become more fragmented and divided.
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    stop the scrotes of all stripes ripping the pish out of the HRA. if you're being made to feel uncomfortable in prison, thats because it's a f***ing prison you twonk. theyre SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable. dont commit crime and you wont be in there.
    secondly, sentences that reflect the crimes committed. again, dont commit crime and it wont apply to you will it?
    the scrapping of all these useless and intrusive surveillance databases, along with these council jobsworths that want to fine you hundreds of pounds at a time for not filling your bin properly. it's my bin mate - I pay my council tax so someone else comes and empties it for me, ok?
    multiculturalism? it doesnt appear to be working. to paraphrase the australian pm from some time ago, 'this is a land of great freedoms. if you dont like the way we do things here, enjoy that other great freedom - the freedom to leave and go somewhere else.'
    that will do for openers.
  7. We need the majority to dictate society not minority groups of any kind.
  8. Police actually.... you know. Policing.

    More money on developing hte kids not just branding them with education.

    Some proper punishments for crimes, death penalty where needed, bring back the birch.

    Ban speeding fines. Bring in bans. German stylee. ie One month bans to be taken up to 6 months after the offence.

    Close the borders. Those who we allow to immigrate are on probation, if they break the law or incite hatred they can go back to their country of origin... regardless of the fate that awaits them.

    Those on the dole should work for it.

    Bring in a conscription for ALL Emergency and Armed Forces, and various alternatives to give some purpose and pride to the kids.

    Regenerate a Civil Defence Service, for when the balloon does go up and we have a "dirty bomb" on a our fair shores.

    Go through Parliment and the Lords, etc like a dose of salts. Any "misguided" or "mistaken" claims or acts taken in to account and the person involved sacked.

    Stop career politicians holding power.
  9. Do you think General Dannatt would be up for a coup? :D
  10. Not on a Sunday. He'll be in Church.
  11. I'm happy to wait 'til tomorrow...
  12. No politician can be elected unless the following criteria are met

    Must be over age 30
    Must have private sector business experience
    Must not have dabbled in politics prior to age 30
    Be prepared to do away with Quangos
    Britain comes first and not petty personal inter-party politics
    Accept full public accountability - no hiding behind parliamentary privilege
    Resign when they seriously mess up and not return to poliitics for 10 years
    Not in it for personal gain
    Be prepared to vote against knee jerk laws (includes this terror hysteria)

    Edited to add pension must never exceed 40% of their total earnings as an MP

    Also nationalise the police forces - police must serve wherever needed in the country - not restricted to a county as at present.
    Get rid of the silly policing targets
    Reverse the politicising of the police which is currently happening.
  13. EU referendum, now with no excuses.
    Benefit's curbs. Support available but you have to earn it.
    Immigration delt with, all illegals deported on site, no entry unless you are filling a specific need, including EU citizens
    Severe penalties for corruption in public office and a truely independent means of investigating it.
    End all foreign aid while we sort out our own mess.
    A return to governance in accordance with the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta
    Rigorous enforcement of the Treason Act
    Immediate 10% cut in health and social security budgets, to be followed with more, both systems are awash with cash badly spent.
    Bin the £100billion waste in public spending. That plus the above could put 150billion plus back into the economy. Defence can have its budget doubled and the tapayer some money back.
    Invest in domestic energy, including coal and nuclear
    A serious reiew of climate change, preferably an unbiased one. We should spend money adapting to the changing climate and not doing a King Canute on the job.
    Bin ACPO, make Chief Constables elected, everyone gets a say in law enforcement.

    Most importantly, in the 21st century we have the technology to bring direct governance to the people. In the day and age of secure electronic communications every major Bill put through Parliament should be ratified by the people. How about a system where we get an option, if 5 or 10,000 voters tick a box saying we want a vote then it goes to the country electronically for a week or two.
    Everyone should have the ability to say yes or no. This is technically perfectly feasable.
    Parliament can guide but the people decide. A really simple system, we can all vote yes or no.
  14. And no politician should be allowed to serve more than 2 terms - politics is NOT a career.