Emergency - German Shepherd in trouble

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Bottleosmoke, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. I know that this may not be the right forum or indeed the right time but I have a drama:

    My wife and I have a 4 1/2 year old rescue German Shepherd bitch. A wonderful family dog but very naughty when on the lead, she hates it and rebels badly especially with Jo, the wife.

    However off the lead she is perfect and never strays. She is wonderful with kids, we have 2 girls 4 & 12, a cat who she tolerates and is a great petting dog for our neighbours down syndrome child.

    But............................She must have been guard dog in her previous life as she is initially suspicous of strange men but friendly when they are known and as I say she hates the lead.

    Anyway. She got out and bit the postman twice for which we got a warning from the police. She has, on Monday, got out again and done the same thing. I fear she will be destroyed and am asking for advice from other dog owners and if I am honest wondering if any arrsers out there would consider adopting her before the knock comes.

    PMs welcome.
  2. Bottleosmoke:

    I am about 3000 miles and one ocean too far away to help but the place to put this is in the "Arrse Kennel Club" which has all of the doggy arrsers.
    Someone there could give you better advice for the UK and you might find a home. Arrse Kennel Club linky

    Best of luck for you and the dog.
  3. I am no dog whisperer, but if she is suspicous of strange men, she was probably abused by a man previously.

    That is why she has no problems with women or children, or once she trusts the men.

    You need to ensure that she is controlled and supervised, as with ALL dogs. Lock her in the kitchen, when visitors such as posty come for example.

    Ensure the back garden is dog proofed.

    To overcome will take time, my dog was similar, and he his now quite good with all comers. Taking her to places where there are lots of strangers who will ignore her is agood start.

    The lead thing, just keep doing it. Walk her, and perhaps give her a "jark" on the lead if she plays up. A treat for doing it right, and in a few weeks she will be all over it.

    a muzzle may help, as it will prevent misfires, for you, your wife and others. See if there is a dog training school near by, and tell them all. I am sure they will be happy to help.

    If you feel she can't be controlled by you... take her to a animal home. Blue cross etc. There may be a specific GSD home.

    She's been let down by humans once already, don't let her down again.

    This iste may help http://www.germanshepherdrescue.co.uk/adopt-german-shepherd.html

    or http://www.dogpages.org.uk/forums/index.php

    or http://www.i-love-dogs.com/forums/dog-rescue/
  4. Agee with all of above - its not her fault , she is protecting her "pack" .
    The muzzle idea is a good one , dogs have very long memories and if the abuse was when she was a pup will take a lot of effort to overcome.
    Do you have the same postie all the time ? . Can you talk to him ? If so try introducing her to him/her outside your house (muzzled of course ) on neutral ground .
    where are you ? S.E ? North etc ,
    PM me if you prefer
  5. The dog is a fcucking menace to the public and should be shot.

    Trying to pour sugar on the behaviour of your land shark based on "she is wonderful with kids" does not and should not have any relevance.

    Ideally the postman should deliver the doggie death sentence with a 40mm UGL to the face, in front of your family.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you are a dog owner you have a sense of duty of care to the public. If you knew the dog to be a danger to people then it shouldn't have been allowed to escape. In effect you signed its death warrant.

    On the plus side you are now able to legally and with the support of the frightened public able to slaughter your hound in the most imaginative way possible.

    PM me if you wish me to suggest such methods, I am creative and resourceful and would pay to see any footage.

    Alternatively have all its teeth removed and when you walk it lock it in a suitcase on wheels.
  7. You ain't got control of it and its scoffed some one twice, even after a police warning. Bit late to be putting the effort in now

    Off the lead she is perfect !!!!

    No such thing as bad dogs just bad owners. Probably not down to you but unfortunately the dog is probably gonna get zapped

    Sorry I can't be more helpful
  8. :lol:
  9. What happens if the next time she escapes/jumps over garden gate she bites a child? And I thought that rule was two bites and it's game over.

    I can't see a happy ending here.
  10. Depends on the location of the bite. A well placed fang in an artery or a grip on the windpipe and it's usually ENDEX. Children are surprisingly resilient though. It once took me over 15 kicks to kill a gobby toddler.
  11. 15? Were you wearing sandals?
  12. You're the sort of weak-willed pansy who can't even bring himself to beat his wife when she steps out of line.

    The dog needs to die. Very sad etc...
  13. She'll be even better marinated over night in a light soy, and served with kimchi, fresh peppers and cucumber.
    Give Ling a bell, she'll probably trade you for a replacement set of wiper blades and a novelty air freshener.