emergency dentist treatment when on leave

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tseng2002, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. How do i go about going to the dentist on leave. My barracks is in Ipswich and i live in birmignham. My barracks are on leave so i wouldnt i thought the dentist would be open. Is it possible to go to your nearest army barracks dentist or would i either have to go to my barracks or pay the earth at a civvie dentist.
    Thank you
  2. On leave already, alright for some!!!!
  3. Well i have come back from afghan in october so we had all of october off then work all november then all of december off till 5th jan.
  4. I suppose it depends what you consider an emergency? I don't have recent experiences, but, in the past, I have found the Accident and Emergency Dept. helpful.

    My (adult) brother needed treatment. I have forgotten what the problem was, but recall it might have been a dental absess, causing much pain and his face to balloon. The A & E team called the Maxillo-Facial chappies to investigate. I recall them being thorough and gave him a follow-up appointment. And they administered rectal analgesia, in order to alleviate the pain more rapidly.
  5. Call NHS Direct for nearest NHS Emergency Dentist on 0845 4647 or A&E as already suggested.
  6. Do you have a dental hospital where you live? I went to one a few years ago when I was on leave, had to get there really early in the morning though (6 am) but got sorted out. Give them a ring and see how they operate where you are.
  7. You've probably sorted this by now however, you can go to any military dental centre (army, navy or crab) for emergency treatment (don't expect them to be pleased to see you though!) and there is always a military dentist on call in every region (although if you're in the West Midlands, you may have to go as far as Brawdy or Chepstow) so get on the phone and find your nearest dental centre (possibly Cosford?). My regiment went on leave last week and our dental centre doesn't shut til next tue so you might be able to get a routine appointment.
  8. Surely if you're in Birmingham you can just rock up at Selly Oak?

    Failing that try Bramcote Bks near Nuneaton or Venning Bks in Telford

    Well, it's got loads of medics, innit?
  9. I had to go to Chelsea Barracks and my unit was based in Padreborn - but my leave was in London. I was seen no bother - just rocked up and showed my MoD 90
  10. correct, report to your nearest MOD tri-service establishment and you will be treated
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Number of options, go to the AFCO in Birmingham or ring them.
    Whittington Bks, Lichfield. Bramcote Bks, Nuneaton, Birmingham Dental Hospital, any NHS Dental Practice will take you as an emergency.

  12. If you go NHS emergency, you will have to pay and you may not be able to reclaim the cost. You can try the dental hospital but you will have to queue with the 6742 other patients who need seeing before Christmas- you may still have to pay.

    Selly Oak have a max fax unit but won't be able to do much for general dental problems- since when would you go to a medic because your teeth hurt? Doctors spend less time learning about teeth than Karen Matthews spends opening her fan mail.