Emergency Dental treatment before Chillwell

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Flight, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Does anyone know of a way to get a dental exam and treatment at short notice?

    I was due to be mobilised several months hence for Herrick 11 however my PSI is trying to get a few of us down to Chillwell next week!

    Can't see me getting through a dental exam without bits and pieces being done...
  2. Seriously Flight, you need to have it done before Chilwell, or there is a very good chance of a Dental bounce and not accepted into service, and having to re-apply to re-mob. If you're trying to get on the intake of the 23rd? you may already be too late as regards finding a Dentist.

    You also need to make sure the Civvy Dentist understands he has to do a proper job. Very recently I've seen a couple of angry people told their Dental work they had done pre-Chilwell was not up to the standard expected for OPs.

    Second bit of advice, it is going to be expensive, assuming you can find a Dentist with a slot. It is possible for you to reclaim some or all of this back from your PSAO , but I think , and I'll be corrected if wrong here, you need to have been mobilised with a date to attend RTMC before he considers it.

    Get to your GP's and get a proper check-up as well, the Medical is stiff at Chilwell too.
  3. Contact a dentist, explain your situation and i'm sure they will help you out.
  4. My town has a walk in emergency dentist, whipped one of my gnashers out and sorted the abscess no problem.

    Try NHS direct they may point you in the right direction.

    Dirt cheap as well btw
  5. Yeah find yourself a civie dentist and pay for it. The dentists at Chilwell will just pull them out....
  6. I explained all to my dentist and he was fine. All work done the next day.

    Just be polite and ask.
  7. Remember to claim for it on JPA....
  8. And risk being done for fraud - you are not entitled to dental treatment until mobilised, if you are not found to be dentally fit you will not be taken into service.

  9. speak to your psao and try to get in a local unit dentist, thats what i did prior to herrick 8/9

    they will not do a large amount of dental work there.
  10. What he said. Though personally, I feel the moment you've been given a date for mobilistaion, is the moment you should be given access to DMS.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Have the rules been tightend that much?

    We had a lad on Telic 4 who had real dental problems
    When we went to Windsor to train with the unit he got his teeth sorted
    He missed a week on Salisbury plain training because of his dental appointments

    The rest of us had it all done before we got there and nobody told us we could claim it back either :roll:
  12. [marq=left]

    Totally agree - as soon as youv'e got your papers you should be entitled to a trip to the nearest dental centre & treatment (although they don't have the capacity to deal with their current patient base!!) - this would prevent the hundreds of dental fails at chilwell,

  13. Well to make it easier, all you'd need if they can't do any actual Dental, is a checkup to Deployment standard, to let you know exactly what you need before the main event.

    That way you won't run the risk of a Dental Fail/Hold, which has got to save money somewhere in the chain?
  14. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    I managed to get an appointment as a private patient at short notice after a lot of ringing around. Other than a filling ( had to get another appointment for that ) he gave me a clean bill of health.

    Local NHS line asked me to leave a message and they'd contact after about 8 weeks. Not much use. There is a dental school where newbies will hack you under supervision, waiting list 6 months. No drop in centres or such like.

    I'm amazed I didn't need much doing, havn't had a dentist for over a decade. Could be a showstopper for most so I'll pass the info on to anyone looking to deploy.

    I think I was lucky in more ways than one. Thanks for the help though lads.
  15. What sort of thing are they failing people for? I imagine your teeth have to be in absolute shit state?