Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by leprechaun, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Having had a reminder from our Branch and another look at this post I can see now why they are not best pleased. My comments re the branch are unprofessional, uncalled for, inappropriate and inaccurate.

    It was not my initial intention to slag off our SPS guys. I overdid the humour bit to their detriment and let my stupid mouth run away with me. It is obviously easy to blame everyone else for my own inadequacies.

    I and my unit have never had anything but sterling service from our small but highly professional and helpful team. That I attempted to pass the buck for my failings is unforgivable and I am thoroughly ashamed that they may be getting the blame for my own failings.

    Apologies all round to everyone concerned.

    Attempting (and failing) not to appear too much of a numbnut here. Does anyone have a walkthrough/talkthrough on EC reporting, both from a Single Service dude/ette and/or HR Admin perspectives. Despite using the sucker for 18 months now, the system does not give you the warm and cuddly that it's working right. Don't even go there with BPGs and SPS Branch advice (oh, how we laughed). Just had a Liaison Visit and they've moved the goalposts yet again (b'stards). Appreciate any and all advice.

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  2. I would say that as long as everyone has got one and the addresses are the correct format and up to date , the genders and dates of births of the contacts are all completed as well then you should be covered.

    That is what I am doing anyway :oops:
  3. Also check that if there is an initial in the name it is populated as a full name.

    Check in their personal details that it is annotated I will nominate.

    make sure that the emergency contact is the first entry and that it is also ticked.
  4. Why not ask for an EC MISR report through DSPS(A) - E1 SMIC [ao-ros.res@dspsa.mod.uk]

    I know they have this report already as I use it for my Bde. Your RAWO should have the relevant info on this, if not your lovely SPS Branch will !!!

    :D :D
  5. I thought the name of the report itself (Absence of Emergency Contact) would be the give away here.

    Personnel listed on this print (if you have any of course!! 8)) indicates that a SP has not updated his/her EC correctly.

    Get the muppets in and rectify with a bit of remedial training through the sub-unit HR (I know I have done this - pain in the ARRSE but still needs to be done :x ).

    My advice to help alleviate this is; on arrival (old school TOS) of a SP, check the Contacts he/she has listed, in particular the EC, all details are correct (addresses etc) and ensure the Yes, No, Yes fields are complete and 'save' (little yellow button on the tool bar! :roll: ).

    Run the aforementioned print monthly (action accordingly), keep it as part of the build up to the Docs Inspection (can't remember what the new Inspection title is called :wink: ) and your umbrella is high as you have done all you can to rectify any anomolies .

    Living the dream - 14 pay statements to go - come on!! :lol:
  6. I wouldn't use the info on this print for NOTICAS purposes as it is only as up to date as when the info was taken from the database.

    Don't mean to be a party pooper but if NOTICAS is incorrect the balloon will go up for your CO :oops:
  7. I have a complete guide to the * given on the report (the BPG is as much use as a butter fire guard, although I am led to believe that this is being changed), another Bde, apart from mine, has produced it, we use it in conjunction with the SP and it has removed most people from the report, apart from the Will Nominate people for whom the flexi field Legal NOK, DOB, Gender being completed has worked to remove those aswell, PM me with a fax number and I will send it to you. In addition, all that said above like:

    Also check that if there is an initial in the name it is populated as a full name.

    Check in their personal details that it is annotated I will nominate.

    make sure that the emergency contact is the first entry and that it is also ticked.

    As said by HRA31AES, hopefully, this should remove them from the report.

    Good Luck, unfortunatly, the guide I have will get your EC's to the correct state, however, it will not remove them from the report, the rest, as above will.

  8. LJS, you just know me and B_and_T will be on the scrounge for a copy of it as well. :wink:
  9. Bugger, more faxing lol
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    LJS, Just what guides do you have for JPA? I believe you have my fax number!
  11. LOL, I have a few, anyway, I am on a conference for 2 days, I will send you both the thing on Friday or next week.


  12. Don't use the C word on the net.
  13. I would appreciate a butcher's - fax number sent.

  14. LOL
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Cheers LJS. The last thing you sent has been really useful.