Emergency accommodation

Does anyone know if the TA are able to arrange emergency accommodation either in barracks or otherwise, if I agree to pay rent?

My flat mate has decided to pack up and leave England for a six month world tour and is renting the flat out as a whole (and not complete with lodger!!). I've been given 2 weeks notice and as there was no contract, I don't have a leg to stand on!!

Even at the end of the month, I'm not going to be able to afford to come up with a deposit and rent as it's all pretty sudden and what with Crimbo coming up.....

I suppose there's always bashering up in the park. All the other tramps will be envious as I'll have a roof and my very own roundabout!!
Shouldn't be a problem other than trying to arrange it at short notice. Where would you prefer to be accommodated, Iraq or Afghanistan? Make rent cheques payable to "putteesinmyhands."
Believe me, if I am able to get to the dentist to have some teeth pulled, and get traded - I'd be on the first transport off this rock! (see frustration vented in 'trade training' thread).
So you're still in recruit training and now you want somewhere to live? 8O

Quality recruits as always. :roll:

Think back to the phrase "what do you offer the army" before "what can the army offer you".
...crimbo coming up?

I don't get it? Is 'crimbo' a particularly difficult time for the homeless?

I see it now, as the Bomb disposal robot trundles up to probe the pile of rags and newspapers on the TAC steps, we hear a faint whimper of "Big Issue Sarge?"

You walked into the wrong recruiting office, you wanted the Salvation Army.
Ahhh you guys, you make a trained solider feel all pink and fluffy, what would I do without your wise words and guidance? I sometimes forget that I have a life outside of 'the army'.
All joking aside, if you are in dire straits with accom and are prepared to pay rent you can arrange to stay in a hostel for a while until you can square away another place to stay.

Check your local Yellow Pages for details of a YMCA... I think at most your TA unit might be prepared to let you have some garage space to leave your belongings, but asking to sleep there might be considered taking the Papa 155 a little.

Parents not an option?


Yeah I am contemplating said advice as it's probably the easiest option in the meantime. It's almost like sleeping in the spider blocks at Pirbright, except people aren't made to wash in the morning and people will rob me blind....joking aside, I'll probably do that.
Surely one of your muckers can put you up for a couple of weeks? :?

Have you asked the guys at the TAC?

Unless you're a t0sser of course? :D

Edited for being a spelling biff.
I am a bit of a t0sser, but that's all part of my charming appeal ;)

I've tried those who aren't already married off and my family is a bit of a bone of contention (aren't they all??)

All together now:

#"Young man........."

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