Embroidered Unit Polo Shirts -any ideas

Has anybody ordered polo shirts lately - looking for best deal and good quality but there are so many companies to choose from. Any help greatly appreciated , ideally one that already has the RE Badge in their templates.
Not sure about Polo-Shirts, but the TA unit I'm am joining has a bunch of sweaters that they have had made up, for the unit.
I will contact the Captain and ask where abouts he got this done, if you are interested?

-Maybe in a an hour or so when I think he may be coming home from work.. I will ring him :)
just ordered 24 - for the east midlands crawl - PM me for supplier.

Mention me and you could get the same discount - same supplier as per previous Crawls.

http://www.banana-moon-clothing.co.uk/ They do some good shirts and I believe they have the RE bagde as a stock design but if not the will do it for free. Would highly recommend them we have order shirts through them and there really high quality and reasonable priced.
Try Hargreaves promotions in Portsmouth. They do lots of business with the Army and give good discounts. Have uesd them loads over the last few years. Good choice of polo shirts that last forever. They also do t-shirts. They seem to have every type of logo/badge going, so you may not have to pay a set up fee.

They have a web site as well just type in hargreaves promotions dp a search and there it is, Well worth a go. No pleading for discounts either, they are given once they know you are military.

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