Embracing things

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. What is it with this word 'embrace'?

    Why the f*ck have I got to embrace 'diversity', 'technology' and 'change'? Just about every job advert you look at nowadays, more or less demands that you 'embrace' diversity. This 'embrace' thing is becoming one of those annoying words which seems to have weasled its way into just about every aspect of daily life.

    Is it an 'Americanism'? like '9/11' or '7/7' or 'not on my watch' (as used by the CC of PSNI tonight on Channel 4 and then repeated between him and Mr Snow on at least 4 occasions inside 3 minutes) and 'awesome' ( now, I hate that word).

    Is it just me who absolutely hates being told what to do by the faceless Nazis who dream this sh*t up?

    I don't want to 'embrace' things. 'Embrace' sounds like an over reaction, something that's way over the top.

    I do wish that they would stop churning out sh*te like this.
  2. I think you just need an embrace, sorry HUG!!!!!!!!
  3. i need to stop drinking

    i thought it said embarrassing!!!!
  4. Embrace is one of those terms that just sounds better than "accept" so politicians can sound all clever and like they use a dictionary.
    I refuse to apply for a job with a crappy job description written like that; HR are w*nkers at the best of times, but if they're writing that you just know they do feck all work and "Butch Bob" is really called Mandy at weekends...

    Oh, and I'm guilty on the "awesome" thing, as I have to give out lots of praise and you're kinda limited to "great" "good" "really good" and "brilliant"
  5. Embrace is one of those words that you just have to utilise to be taken seriously these days...

  6. Embrace is a cunningly worded 'like it or lump it', but without seeming pugnacious.
    Awesome is an awesome word. As is groovy. I started saying them ironically, but now they've become habit. I'd like to apologise to everyone I've ever spoken to. Sometimes I even annoy myself.
  7. In a world of change, we must look forward to new opportunities to diversify and embrace those things on the ground that would enhance our collective understanding of our mutual needs. Only this way, looking forward can we exceed expectations in a harmonious manner to the greater benefit of all stakeholders to include the disenfranchised in our societal global model of excellence.
  8. How about 'Movers and shakers'. Probably more appropriate to the w@nking thread eh? lol.

    All of the motivational phrases are bollox and irritating these days. Gone are the days when your boss screamed in front of everyone " Do the fucking job or join the dole queue". lol
  9. That drags me into a negative paradigm, and affects my capacity for blue-sky thinking. Here's an idea with legs - inject some positivism, and you'll enhance your capacity for excellence.
  10. You need to embrace the word embrace in order to empower yourself with the power you need to embrace things. Now lets run that up the flag pole and see what flys.

    Manegment speak is great, try seeing how many mixed metaphores you can get in at a management meeting and getting the boss to nod along with you. I do it so that they don't know I never do any work, 'cause sit sounds like I'm dead busy.
  11. Wankword Bingo...

  12. Embrace, has links to bondage & torture techniques………..here:

    Using a Word Document;

    Type in EMBRACE and them look it up in
    the Thesaurus (highlight it, then shift & F7)

    Select CLINCH and then do the same with this word, shift F7 etc,:

    Gives you: TIE UP.

    Get ‘em all fooking tied up and battered with a wet copy of the Manchester Evening News mate !
  13. Have you interviewed me for a job before?
  14. I believe we may have interfaced in an almost agreeably mutual face-to-face sit-down.

    If my analysis of the mutuality is positively projected, I believe that I recorded the input that your output solution could not be feasably met due to a constriction of said output medium. Even engendering a larger force upon your output channel through the judicious interjection and gyration of my hips could not get my member for southern regions to achieve the throughput required to interface fully with your stakeholder.

    I recall that at said meeting, we agreed that we needed more lube.
  15. Our new company mantra is 'delighting the customer', I also have to prove how I am delighting said customers for my 'quarterly reviews'

    sooks cokk!