Embra to Glesca Cycle

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sparky2339, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. In a week or two I'm going to be cycling the Union Canal from Edinburgh to Falkirk then swapping over to the Forth and Clyde Canal.

    I plan to cycle to Bowling on the Clyde, cool my butt in that famous river and then think about cycling back.

    Does anyone live near Bowling? If they do can they put a bog roll in their fridge for me?

    Advice sought....

    cbgramc can you advise? heid the baw and brettarider any suggestions?

    Bits on the route to avoid, where to throw smarties to have the neds acting like bairns at a wedding "scoor oot" etc?

    Cheers :D
  2. Sparky, make sure you take some smoke to get through Polmont :wink:

    And what about making a rest stop at Bank(n)ock on the A803?

    Just to see if it as good as its namesake of course :D

    Edited for mong fingers :oops:
  3. Take a few doggie biccies as lots of dog walkers like to amble along both canals.

    When you get to bowling pop into the cycle hire shop and ask him really politely to look over your bike for any damage.

    Pop into the union inn at Falkirk you will enjoy the comfy seats :D
  4. Cheers Heid the Baw :D

    I'm too auld to get a room at the Polmont Young Offenders Hotel. better pack a basha.

    Might give Banknock the big swerve - the lady boys there are as ruff as a miner's knuckle!!!

    And too near Bonnybridge in UFO country for my liking. Oh wait there's a thought - i might get kidnapped by aliens and "experimented" on....

    This trip looks better and better :D
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Auntie Katies you mean :)

    *mutter* 'Union Inn' *mutter*

    It's only the Union Inn if you're a tourist.
  6. Apparently you are only as old as the women you feel (so maddie keeps telling me) :wink: so you will fit right in.

    You will be ok going through Banknock, all the chavs will be on Jeremy Kyle :twisted:
  7. Cheers Gang :D

    Tiger Stacker thanks for the pointers in your PM - will do.

    You surely dinny watch Jeremy Kyle HTB???? Okay - it is addictive, but who the feck wants to wash their dirty linen on tv? There's a whole new thread in that sentence that's for sure!!!

    All advice welcome :D
  8. I live in Knightswood and my garden backs on to the tow path. It has been done up very well and is nice in daylight, but should be avoided after it gets dark as it becomes a bit of a Buckfest.

    Sparky see PMs
  9. Nope, mrs htb always slags me off because its full of weegie chavscum :x

    However she doesn't laugh when I tell her NI is only a windbreak for Blackpool :wink:
  10. Heid the Ba...

    I worked with two brothers years ago who ended up on Kilroy or such like with a problem. One was nobbin the other's wife so tv was the obvious way to sort it out - right!!!!

    They were from Fife of all places and who did I bump into two weeks ago near Edinburgh?? I almost dropped with shock!!! :D

    cbgramc - got your PM and have replied by embra doo (town pigeon) :D
  11. I remember a mate of mine appearing on The Weakest Link. (He was first off!).

    Imagine my surprise when he failed his EFP threshold test, not :D