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Embellishments, who needs them

Why do we have to wear all these Regt embellishments which seem to be enforced by despotic regimes (I can only speak for my last 2 units) and cost us all a wad of cash at the PRI!!
Apparently it's to help us integrate into a Regt. Doesn't seem to stop us getting shafted with weekend duties!

Isn't it time the Reme hierachy stood up for the forgotten army! Go on DEME(A) make a name for yourself!
after all, the clothing we get issued is perfectly good enough for us, if not for most Cavalry units!! :mad: :mad:
You wanna be with the "Midlands lot". We wear a unit badge on our right arm, a bde flash on the left. We have to wear a Unit T-shirt on PT and marches and in long sleeve order (one issued courtesy of PRI, money taken from LAD subs.), and of all the audacity we have to wear their rank slide on our CS95. They also wanted us to wear their capbadge on the right arm of our combat jackets, but I think the ASM fucked them off.

Anyone beat that?
Call me a slag but Ive served with the 4/7th; QGG's; 1 RTR and several other major units. I always felt hounored to wear an embellishment, particularly when serving with the Irish Guards and 1 Grenadier Guards.

Should you feel hard done by I suggest you look at the history of the unit you are attached to and consider how lucky you are to serve in modern times!

Now, wind your F*king neck in and be proud to serve, that is unless you prefer to be one of phony tony's cronies and prefer to undermine all that history shows to be what the nation requires in times of peril !!!!!
I'll back up ece smudge, The Malky? Change it to The Donkey! This is my 3rd Cav posting and at the others it's been one embellishment, either a beret or a rank slide. Now I've got to buy a green drinking jumper, rank slide, cream shirt and tie, regi t shirts for pt, boring. Me and ece know aboot the history of our attached regt only too well, so bite me! As for The Donkey, where were the QGG's? Never heard of them. Are you sure you've been in the Army? :p
I was chatting to a Inf RSM from another unit on SPTA the other month and he laughed his cock off when I told him what we had to buy and wear. All his att REME have to wear is the beret.

Malky, maybe you should look at the short but illustrious history of your corps. While you're at it, read Corps Instructions, esp the part on Dress.  Mat Regs is a good read too, regarding embellishments.
I am slightly biased because I was 'removed from post' (sacked) for refusing to buy the drinking jumper of the RDG.  I was however paid £800 odd disturbance allowance  :D
I seem to remember from the distant past that if they want you to wear it they have to give you it free & they cannot make you wear their badges.Thats how the LAD were the only QLR attachment  that didn't wear their purple jumpers.Good old AQMS.
OK typo, I meant to put QDG's (they are Cav so maybe QGG's is appropriate!).

Corps Inst No B10 part VI para 43 says Mat Regs pam 15 (Vol 3 para 618) authorises the wearing of 1 dress embellishment of the parent RAC or Inf unit by attached personnel.

Para 44 says The REME Corps Committee will give sympathetic consideration to requests from other Regts & Corps for attached REME personnel to wear one dress embellishment provided the basic uniform as applicable to REME is not altered. Initial requests should be made through the appropriate Comd ES to the REME dress Committee.

This throws up (sorry 'bout that) a few points. If you are wearing more than 1 unit embellishment, you shouldn't be! If you are not attached to Cav or Inf you shouldn't be wearing any unit embellishment. If you have a grievance about embellishments in your unit and have got no where with your OC, have you raised it with the Comd ES or at a road show?

Final point, very cheap shot about Corps history, I know it very well through my fathers service and more than 22 years of my own and am very proud to be in REME. I have read all the books I can and when appropriate try to inform young Corpsmen & women of our history. Even so, its not as illustrious as most Guards, Cav arty etc is it? Come on now, be honest!
My grievance got as far as Comd ES 1 (UK) Armd Div, I was still 'posted'.  Mind you, the OC LAD is now at DEME (A) flying a desk, his latest job is studying the plight of Tech Clerks - nice work if you can get it
Funnily enough, I guided my OC to the two pubs quoted, however it made no difference - The CO didn't give a fat rats butt about regs.
I hear where you are coming from now Nige, but this leads to a Corps wide grievance and, I believe, one of the reasons retention is so poor in REME. That is REME officers are rarely ready to listen to the advice or suggestions that REME WO's, SNCO's or soldiers raise. They would rather try to impress their reporting chain than put things right. A happy CO & Comd ES have a good impact on an officers career; trying to do things correctly or look after your soldiers rarely does.
The reason Comd ES 1 (UK) Div did not listen is that he is a dagger man and has served with the Guards so has a similar view on embellishments to me.
Would it not be great if every one followed the rules?,(oh for an ideal world -or even Army).
I don't think most Corps members have a problem with ONE embellishment, be it hackle, lanyard, different colour beret, rank slides, drinking jumper or gay coloured trousers (and yes Malky, I know that they are a gay colour for a reason) as long as they don't have to pay for the bloody thing !!!
Or that embellishment does not 'drop you in it' when posted viz With RA unit wearing REME shoulder titles then  posted to Cav unit and being 'asked' by RSM why you have holes in your epaulettes!!!

I recall a Battery Fitter Section, whilst a long way from 'home' and more senior REME personnel, were once 'required' by the over zelous BSM to wear an RA cap badge to the prize giving of a plank get March and Shoot!!! Glad to say the Ftr Sect Sgt had the balls to tell him to go and stick it.  
My grievance got as far as Comd ES 1 (UK) Armd Div, I was still 'posted'.  Mind you, the OC LAD is now at DEME (A) flying a desk, his latest job is studying the plight of Tech Clerks - nice work if you can get it
Funnily enough, I guided my OC to the two pubs quoted, however it made no difference - The CO didn't give a fat rats butt about regs.
Nige, maybe the jumper you would not buy was the last straw.  If I remember correctly, you were the Art Wpns SSgt for the RDG in Munster and you were removed for a number of reasons.  You were, for instance, replaced in the Tech Library by a Cfn Tech Storeman who improved things to the extent that he was quickly promoted and transferred to the RLC.  As an Ex-metalsmith you did struggle with the plethora of activities required to perform the duties of Art Wpns in an Armoured Regiment.  You proved to all at the RDG that you were against the Regiment, the OC LAD and the ASM.  You were being cajoled to buy the jumper as were all attached SNCOs and Officers.  By your constant refusal you alienated yourself and were in danger of causing rift between the LAD and the Regiment.  The decision to post you was taken at the appropriate level and you were informed at all times.  The ball was in your court and you decided to 'buck the system' when all around you saw no problem.  You sadly lack the integrity required to hold a position of responsibility within a sub-unit such as the RDG LAD.  You would perform in this manner regardless of the unit or situation and Barrack Room Lawyers like yourself sometimes fall foul of their own decisions.  IT WAS YOUR CHOICE MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy at Andover

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
You obviously know me too well.

I am so crap that I have applied to  travel to Australia and hide there until my shame subsides.

I had considered a long boring reply to your attempt at trolling, however I let my reputation speak for itself.
This discussion was about the requirement of attached personnel to wear embellishments of the Regiment to which they were attached.
If the arguments include a personal viewpoint, I think all reading should allow a person to air their views without attacks of a personal nature.
Exactly Malky.  

If Corps Regs say one embellishment, that means one.  We are not Grenadiers or tankies etc and although one can admire what such units have achieved, we are REME and should be allowed to retain our own identity.  Someone have some balls up there..... for fuc#ing once!!

I'm lucky.  My teeth arm (guffaw!) only has the one embellishment.... a powder blue beret......  very fetching............
just to add  a few comments on this subject. Why do Cav dvr/ rad ops not have to wear a REME beret and shoulder titles when attached to a REME Battaliion, does it not work both ways?
Answer; their Cav CO has got a pair of bollocks

Further on the saga of Nige getting sacked, as an independant in the same unit I have to ask what the f*** has an EME got to do with Sgts mess matters? The only time you wear the jumpers are in the mess and its the ASM /RSM who should have handled it.  If the ASM had got himself off the golf course or his sun bed or out of the local whore house it may never have got this far.

I also have to as myself why did he (EME) stop a Royal Marine being posted to the York Bks LAD when one had been there on exchange since 1967? yes, you guessed it because a navy marine would also not buy a cav jumper

Why did another tiffy get sacked when a gunnery officer loaded  6 Chally 2's MAIN ARMAMENT and was about to order to carry on firing whilst a CRARRV crew was beyond the point hitching up a dead tank?

Why was the Q guns posted early and is contesting his CR believing he was the scape goat for the LAD's f*** up's while the ASM and EME were out playing golf? (the lads were on overtime) good leadership

Rumour has it that the CO had his doubts in the end and said F*** this loyalty to other officers  game, can 4 excellent SNCO's ALL BE THAT BAD??????????????

So at the end of BATUS and at short notice the EME and his waitress wife(EX pad's brat) got quick posting using the peter principle(promote him to his level of inconpetence) and get him to F*** out my unit.

Those are the fact as I see it

                           YOU DECIDE ???????????



They haven't got a pair of balls between them

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