Embedded with US forces in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'US' started by leprecon, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. I thought you all would like to see a very good report on British Channel 4 news of conditions in Kunar province with the American Army.

    The guys featured in the report are showing resilience, courage and humour in the face of being surrounded by the Taleban, and practically under constant attack. 8)

    Keep up the good work. :D

    Hopefully the link will work, so you get to see it.

    Channel 4 news - American in Afghan
  2. It just hit CNN.

    I loved the comment from the Army guy in base, "When they fire from that spot, it's.....it's just general Douchebaggery".

    Douchebaggery has just become my new favourite word. :)


    (The channel 4 cast is much better, CNN is a bit douchebaggery to be honest).
  3. An American General Melchett :D

    Edit: General Douchebaggery shows up halfway through in the channel 4 one too.
  4. The American army makes a very hard operation against the Taliban in Afghan.. But many solders killed in this operation, my injured that is crucial My all condolences always with them and theirs family...
    condolence message
  5. I am baffled how why when we were soldiers they made us "take the high ground" now I realise it is a much more advanced tactical solution to put yorself in ambush central at the bottom of a hole surrounded by old ambush sites going back years. Modern military - they aren`t employing the most basic of tactics and have learned nothing. Its a good job the afghans are crap or their losses would be over in one night.
    The officer is a numbnut "its not my job to ask questions" - well actually it is.
    Only saving grace is their great moral but with these tactics they have no chance. Training the afghan army - well your setting a crap example so they will be crap too.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    See? They aren't stupid these yanks!