Embedded Media - Are they the cause of additional problems?

Firstly, i do not condone people abusing civilians and making videos of it and this post is by no means attempting to justify these situations.

In the "good old days", pre Vietnam, soldiers went on Operations or War and that was all the general public really new. To the majority of folks our guys and girls went away, fought for the common good and hopefully returned home in one piece! Yes major stories did make it into the press, however routine day to day issues of how the war was fought rarely did. In recent years the expectations of what a soldier is expected to do on Operations has remained the same, yet your average civvi now sits at his breakfast table being told and shown in graphical detail, by the media, how the war is fought.

It would appear that "selective amnesia" allows the general public to conveniently forget what a soldier is paid to do and the sensationalised way that the press reports some stories does not help. As another abuse story hits the headlines (yes i know it was filmed by a soldier) the timing and fanatical reporting by the news of the world can only lead to greater unrest and more UK forces fatalities in Iraq.

The press are there to sell papers and nothing sells papers like bad news, so is it not about time that we stopped assisting them and terminated imbedded media posts on future operations?
If fanatical reporting by ceratin sections of the press results in an increased threat to our forces on ops then the embedded media get to share the risk too.

When it does turn nasty commanders should invite the embedded News of the World bloke to embed with the pl that's facing incoming rounds

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