Embedded Correspondants and media coverage

Hi All,
Sorry if this has been dealt with elsewhere but I can't find it if it is.
As a soldier from the generation of puttees and shirts KF, I was wondering what current serving lads (and lasses) think of the correspondants who are dumped on them and how those people have coped and how what they are witness to looks after they have done their bit of editing and articles go into print or on the TV.
Is the consensus of opinion that these people are doing a good job and is what is happening being accurately represented in the media ?
How are these people viewed by service personnel in theatre ? A nuisance or a necessary evil or an irrelevance ?
I'm talking here about overseas and not the pondscum such as seen tonight on TV whereby they 'infiltrate' a training unit to 'uncover' beasting. That guy should be made to honour the oath he made and then let his colleagues know who he is and what he's done.
You may find this interesting, A photographer "embedded" with the Russians during their latest adventure

CAUTION Photos not for the squeamish!


"We present a set of photographs from the war in South Osetia made by Arkady Babchenko, one of the editors of Russian war veterans Almanac ”Art of War” (http://www.navoine.ru/). Arkady went with Russian troops on the route Vladikavkaz – Tshinval - Zemo Nikozi – Gori and participated as journalist in the battle for Georgian village Zemo Nikozi. Photographs were prepared and placed in the Internet by Chief Editor of the Almanac Ilya Plekhanov.

Almanac “Art of War” literature project for veterans of recent wars. It has become apparent that there are many talented writers among veterans. They have been able to create an outstanding literature that appeals to readers everywhere with its sincerity, honesty and factual accuracy. We are privileged to publish works of Russian and foreign authors from all over the world who are veterans of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. Russian translations of war literature in other languages can also be found here.

The “Art of War” almanac is for those who live, who remember, and who want to know what war actually is. This almanac is also for the soldier, the man who does know war intimately. We hope this almanac may become a rehabilitation ground for veterans. We would be glad to see you among our writers, readers and subscribers. "

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