Embassy to help imprisoned drug smuggler in Laos

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mon_colonel, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Sorry too mongy to provide the link, but can anyone justify providing a Embassy legal team to try and get this dozy c*nt out of nick if our prisons were more like those in Laos instaed of the cushy hotels they things might be a bit better in this country

    Bid To Help Pregnant Brit Facing Firing Squad
    11:39am UK, Monday May 04, 2009

    British officials and legal campaigners are battling to help a British woman who faces death by firing squad in Laos if convicted of drug smuggling.

    Samantha Orobator from south London was arrested last August after she was allegedly caught with 1.5lb (680g) of heroin.

    The 20 year old, who is pregnant, had been told her trial would start today but the hearing has been postponed.

    Despite being in custody for nine months it is understood she has yet to speak to a lawyer.
    Anguish Of Accused Woman's Mum
    The British vice-consul in Bangkok in neighbouring Thailand flew out to Laos on Sunday to check on her.

    An embassy spokesman said: "We are trying very hard to ensure that she does have good legal representation."

    Lawyer Anna Morris from legal rights charity Reprieve also flew into the country after permission was granted to meet Orobator on Tuesday.

    The charity said she made contact with their office in London by telephone to say she had been told she will appear in court this morning.

    But Ms Morris told Sky News: "We have been told the trial will not take place today, and we are very much working on that basis.
    Phonthong prison
    :: Cells measuring four square metres are used to house up to six prisoners.

    :: The daily ration reportedly consists of two bowls of pig fat water soup and a bowl of sticky rice.

    :: Prisoners have reported incidents of abuse and torture, with some inmates having their genitals burnt.

    :: Since 2003 at least 39 people have been sentenced to death in the East Asian country.

    "It could take place tomorrow, but the trial has no fixed date."

    Reprieve said the trial has been brought forward, the suspicion being it had been done to stop Orobator getting proper legal representation.

    Phonthong prison, where she is being held, is notorious, with a reputation for beatings and brutality.

    Orobator is understood to have been arrested in Laos on her way back to the UK.

    Smuggling more than 500g of heroin carries a mandatory death sentence in the east Asian country.
  2. How did she get pregnant if she's been in custody for nine months?
  3. I think i read she was raped in an article the other day
  4. The F.O. gives a different sort of help these days perhaps.
    According to the news the girl lives in Peckham, her mum in Dublin and her dad in Nigeria. It is the first time that she has been outside the UK & Ireland.
    Someone offered a free holiday if she could bring a small package back?
  5. Got a link? I can't find anyone saying she was raped just rumours that no one is confirming or denying.
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Yes, easily. She's been convicted of absolutely nothing (and is therefore innocent at this moment in time under UK law)

    I'd like to think it was the very least the embassy would do if I were banged up in a foreign shit-hole for something I may not have done.
  7. If you want an extra portion of pig fat soup, you have to be nice to the guard with the ladle.
  8. And we have another Darwin Award winner... :roll:
  9. Ill have a look, it was only hinting anyway as there wasnt proof.
  10. yeah many a time I've accidently packed a kilo of smack on my holiday in a country known for its heroin production, ( first time out of the UK and she chooses Laos for a holiday yeah ok ) just one of them things ....f*ck her and let her rot.
  11. 9 months???

    Unless the mother stated this from a certain media source as according to the FCO:


    And from Yahoo sources:

    Miss Orobator, who is five-months pregnant, has had no proper legal representation since being arrested at the country's Wattay Airport and her trial is expected to start on Tuesday.

    full story


    We'll see how this develops i guess
  12. She became pregnant in the prison in December and is due to give birth in September.

    From the BBC website.
  13. It says on the BBC site she was born in Nigeria and didn't come to the UK until she was 8, Anyone know if the Nigerian Embassy have swung into action?