Embassy siege terrorist can stay

apologies in advance if it's been done - I've been busy this week....

The surviving terrorist from the Iranian embassy siege is to be let out of gaol, and ALLOWED TO STAY IN BRITAIN! Of course we can't send him back to Iran, because they'd slot him. Just like the people he and his mates slotted back in 1980.
Great stuff. (see Guardianwebsite)
It's a good week for the BNP. This and the Afghan Woman of Ealing stories should boost their recruiting figures.
If he wants a house they can put him up in the Killing House, sure they'll relish the opportunity to finish him off!
Are you really surprised?

On the one hand we have a murdering chod who has spent 20+years in pokey,at the taxpayers expense,now to be released and will no doubt have every benefit under the sun thrown at him so he can continue to live here,at the taxpayers expense.

The flip side of this being men from a far off land who spend 20+ years in service to our country,many being badly wounded in doing so,and showed the utmost dedication and bravery in said service.These men have to fight our own government tooth and nail for the same rights as our murdering chod just so they dont have
to die a miserable death in abject poverty.

This lands denizens used to have a worldwide reputation for 'honour' and 'fair play'.

What happened?

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