embarrassing things to ejaculate on

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fishfinger, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. I'll regret asking this but..
    What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever (accidentally) came on?

    Mines a..

    (by accident!)
    The look of first shock, then betrayal on its face was priceless...
  2. I got caught doing the deed in 2001 in Afghan by the OC over a copy of Max Power, we had limited resources then.

    edit to add they was a chick with tits out on the page
  3. I'm sure, it tunnels out from your colon to freedom and gets shot while trying to escape
  4. Your Mummy!
  5. my flatmates flannel right before he washed his face

    i forgot to clean it up.
  6. My own mouth, quite by accident, some several years ago. I wear a ressie whilst wanking now, so it'll just wipe off if I can ever muster that sort of range again, plus I like the Darth Vader sound as I reach the vinegar stroke.

    It didn't taste like chicken.
  7. Sister in law.Oh how we laughed.
  8. Maddie's night dress not so much embarrassed just carelessness in case plod find any DNA residue on it
  9. Details..?
  10. A piece of 4x2, I was range sentry in Altcar in Southport!:(
  11. I have done This onto some the pics of my gfs mates though havent uploaded any to the t,internet
  12. Toast. That is all.
  13. Not by accident ... quite on purpose. A female troopys office chair in Iraq. She'd only popped out for ten minutes, the seat was still warm so i thought 'Fuck it'. By 'Fuck it' i meant have a wank ... not have sex with a chair. I just needed to clear that up. Although i did have a little sniff before i started.
  14. Do you think Snuggles still has it?
  15. A built in electric fire at a gf's house when I was young..what a mess it left, burned on semen that wouldn't even come off the reflector (see what I did there, come off? suit yersel) with Vim, the cum on the bars gradually burnt away, but the smell of burning cum is not pleasant.

    She was a redhead with freckles, she got the next lot over her tits.