Embarrassing record collection.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sleeper_service, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. So there I am cruising down the A3 en-route for Farnham and home. Its dark o-clock, the roads empty, and I am giving a new "colleague" a lift back to the shot. Miles Davis is oozing out of the speakers and generating just the right mellow ambience for a midnight drive, when my passenger decides to open up the glove box, and check out my CD collection.

    "Basement Jaxx, uh huh

    U2, hmm

    Jimmy Hendrix? nice!"

    and so on, and so on,

    when eventually,

    "NEIL DIAMOND" The greatest hits!, WTF? 8O

    He has now taken to humming "Sweet Caroline" every time I enter the room, (bas*ard) and people are starting to ask questions.

    In my defence, I would point out that I was raised on a diet of "easy listening" my parents subjected me to thousands of hours of The Carpenters, John Denver, Glen Campbell et al and to my deep personal shame, it must have embedded itself in my psyche/soul.

    So come on, own up, who has the entire "Boney M" back catalogue, and/or the "ABBA" boxed set etc? Fess up and let us all take the pi*s. :wink:
  2. I'll put my hand up and include in my mix of music from rock, punk and blues that i am the proud owner of Niel Diamond, Live in america.

    To have that sat in my cd collection next to Led zepplin makes me bow my head in shame
  3. I got "Sensual Pleasures" free with a pot of Haagen Daz ice cream, grade A bird slush but it does have Peggy Lee's Fever on it so it stays, at the back.
  4. I never recovered when my first boss (male, mid-50's, married with kids and bald with a grey moustache and glasses) gave me a lift to work one day and was revealed to have a selection of CD's restricted to anything by Westlife or Boyzone.

    You just never can tell...
  5. Kosovo '99, the only way to make a crap tour crapper is the purchase of dodgy cd's form the various locals making a living on the black side, at 75p a pop I tried to buy every thing.

    Moving house a few months back, in the middle ofsorting the cd collection out, found Billy Piper and Britney Spears

    I am truely sorry and repent all evil!!!
  6. BILLY PIPER!!!??? 8O That really is shocking, suddenly, I dont feel quite so bad! :wink:
  7. Nothing wrong with Neil Diamond :wink: . A varied taste is required. Diamond to Dance, Swing to Stranglers, Clash to Classical, etc, etc

    BUT NO RAP :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil:

    Cnuts talking in poor english over other peoples talent. WHY?
  8. Has anyone still got Joe Dulce on 7 inch?
  9. Neil Diamond still gets the occasional play chez Murielson. Also brought up on easy listening stuff and still feel compelled to give them a spin once in a while.

    Amidst the Led Zep, Uriah Heep, Floyd (personal fav) etc there are some Bosnia/Kosovo buys that are blamed on daughter. They include Britney, Boyzone etc
  10. I've got sir spike doing "the ying tong song", the b side is "i'm walking backwards for christmas"

    Cant have it though.
  11. I've noticed the trend, can anyone explain why neil diamond is such a squaddie favourite?
  12. "South Pacific"/West Side Story/Cats/Party Songs of the Cthulu Mythos :lol:
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Goodies - Make a Daft Noise for Christmas

    The Smurf Song :oops:

  14. In my defence hte following WAS the first single I ever brought, and I was young a stupid.

    Technohead's "I want to be a hippy"... I realy should burn it.
  15. I have a huge collection of embarrsing stuff thats built over time, I've still got my old New Kids on the Block Tapes, Transvision Vamp on Vinyl, a triple pack with tunes like The Ghostbusters song etc, hahaha and erm Fleetwood Mac and I think I'm going to shut up now cos it really is getting embarrasing :?