Embarrassing pictures in the press

I recently won a business competition and for a period of weeks found my face plastered in the local press. Disappontingly some of them are embarrassing, see:

Business champ hands over his crown - Shields Gazette

I remember being at the AAC Harrogate back in 1981 where me and my mate held a Page 3 girl for a publicity picky which ended up in The Wire. Come to think of it does anyone know where I might be able to get visibility of old copies of The Wire?
Shameless **** :) if you fire out a few pm's today you are guaranteed to be sucked off by a resident site harpy by Saturday....

Good drills, you helped square a really good mate away last year and judging by the fact he perpetually dresses and acts like a crack addled binman you obviously know your stuff.

Can you ask Lian if she wants to come live on a deserted island and make babies with a handsome bootneck?
Shields Gazette said:
Mr Cheesman believes ex-soldiers and sailors are perfect assets for businesses, due to their work ethic and skills-set.
Same high opinion of Crabs as the rest of us then, Aidy!
It seems that the most interesting other stories on that site include a boy shooting a BB gun, the council replacing wooden fences with metal ones, and a dyke attacking another dyke and spitting at a PC.

You don't live in a very interesting place do you?!

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