Embarrassing moments at Basic training

what's the most embarrassing situation you have been in during training or perhaps throughout your army career? example, you know someone who wet the bed or perhaps spoke in their sleep that they liked to suck dick (don't ask lol)
Probably when I was caught being used as the centre star in a recruit "bukkake fest".

The thick globules of sperm running into my mouth wasn't half as embarrasing as the fact I was the RSM of the ATR.
Oh, the horrible memories. My first morning in recruit training was the most embarrasing. The drill was that when the CPL called hallway the whole platoon had to parade in the hallway with both bed sheets over each shoulder, ready to conduct roll call prior to morning routine. One problem. Recruit ##### didn't answer his name due to the fact I was still in my farter. Being woken by an angry recruit instructor whilst the rest of the platoon are stood to in the hallway certainly got me noticed for the rest of basic. I LOL now, but then... :roll: :oops: :D

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