Embarrassing arrse

I am absolutely ashamed to be part of this shower of shiote at the moment. Grip your shit for fook sake.
What exactly is your gripe?

Do I get the keys to the outrage bus?
Hmmm. Harsh sentiments in a non harsh font. You send mixed messages, umbrella hunter.
The Padre is available from 09.15 with shoulder for the crying on ready to go.

Mark The Convict

I'm so embarrassed that I've shat myself again. I'll grip my shit once I've scraped it off my legs.
And yet another thread started by an idiot to complain about something that they could easily have ignored.

how many 'Is Arrse dying?' threads is this for you now pebbles?
I'll tell you what's embarrassing, walking through Canal St in Manchester, spying a dropped £20, bending over to pick it up, being hoofed up the hoop whilst bent over to pick up the 20 quid by a chap of the interior design persuasion and to find the 20 quid is a Joey.
I for one find it all extremely entertaining........

If its a whinge thread it obviously keeps others occupied enough for them to read through the posts then make up their own thread about how shit the last one was.
Even bad entertainment is entertainment, honestly if it's that bad that it's causing you emotional stress, switch off your PC and go out or something.

I enjoy reading the spectacularly hypocritical posts the best......in one thread you'll have a post about how the royal family are cunts and that being british isn't any good anymore, then in another the same user whining about some taffs and jocks not singing the national anthem at the olymipcs or some journos slagging off the royal family......it's fucking ace.

Then there are the arguers for arguments sake....that's always a good one.....
the wind up merchants
the sock puppets
the eternally outraged
the users who are gobsmacked that other people have differing opinions
and most enjoyably the liberal and frankly spectacular use of swear words and completely unuseable in normal life insults........

Seriously what's not to like.......

Whinging cunts......
Is this related to the PG/MiT/SS menage a trois?

Or the subsequent MiT scandalous published photo and pie-gate bore-athon?

We require specifics.
3123, Million, IceCream van has added to the joy of ARRSE with a self inflicted credibility suicide.
This may have prompted the OP to create this appeal for a return to the Good ole days.
You know, last month.

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