embarkation leave

ok the rules have changed since i was last posted. been informed that it is your recieving unit which picks up the bill

so. you tip up on your LTA. meet the lads then disappear off again for ten days? doesnt make sense really, bit of a waste of a flight if you ask me. know a couple of lads who just had to crack on with normal work when they tipped up as to not make a bad impression by whinging about leave to their new boss.

all i need is a few days to locally purchase stuff then im good to go, would be handy to get as much stuff across to my new unit whilst i wait for my boxes to arrive.

if it was the old unit picking up the tab i could succesfully leave there, and use my ten days to ferry kit across and get admin'd up. most likely wont need the whole ten but im sure a few social drinks to get to know the lads wouldnt go a miss.

whats the score? how does it all work now. admin office baffled me with figures muttered something about stationary demands and cursed jpa then walked out... wouldnt have minded but theres a waiting list to see the clerks!

Hi Mr Kenobi

maybe you're just complicating things
Have you spoke to your new boss?
If you sort this out in advance you dont necessarily have to turn up on your LTA ( if that is the first day of your leave). You could choose when you moved then, and thus, where you spend your leave.
Good luck

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