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I am looking to email a holiday video clip to a friend. Problem is, is that the file size is too big for ordinary email accounts. How can I do it? I had a look at some of the online storage sites, where I could upload it and the other person could download it - has anybody tried one of those? How do they rate in terms of price and security, and general overall usefulness? Are there other ways of doing it?

Also, I had a look at some of the video compression software sites - has anybody tried that? The original clip was recorded on a Panasonic SD90 HD camcorder, and it records in MTS format, whatever that is. My old laptop struggles to play the files in any sort of smooth fashion. I shall be getting a new laptop for Christmas but in the meantime, what can I do to fix things for now?

You could upload it as a zip file to a hosting site such as!myrapidshare|filemanager you can open a free a/c & then send them a link to download it.

Depending on the file size you may have to split into smaller files using something like HJSplit: free file splitting software for Windows, Linux and other platforms

You can convert using Free Video Converter - Any Video Converter Freeware - convert video free to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MP3, WebM, iPad, Android, PSP, Tablet PC


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You can always Send File by Skype.
Stick it on youtube and send a link? I think you can also post vids on photobucket, and password protect (can you do that on youtube?)
Serious question is the postal service that bad?
In South Korea it is fine, I have sent myself books from Amazon for instance. When I was working in Nigeria I sent myself books from Amazon and it actually worked ok, against all expectations. They arrived at the Post Office, and you had to go and collect them for a 500 Naira fee but everything worked fine. The only issue was when I had two parcels sent to myself from the UK, one of which had a customs label saying computer items (it was a hard drive) which was actually in the other parcel. It was opened by customs, and they found nothing so I just got a customs report and that was it. They didn't check the other one, which actually had the hard drive in.

I am a major fan of the Post Office - nothing like receiving a parcel of goodies. But with a random CD, I dunno. Guess I just think in terms of a Net transfer of some sort for data.
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