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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by scabster, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I'm due to go to afghan soon on first tour and have read the other threads on what additional kit to take.
    I'll probably spend most of time at Bastion and would appreciate any comments on internet availability /access at Bastion or if anyone had used a mobile/blackberry to contact home whilst out there.

  2. Mobiles were banned when we went due to persec issues.

    There's quite a few internet terminals, but there was almost always a queue especially when people came in from an op
  3. Scabster,

    There's no 3G signal out here, Roshan (the local jingly mobile company) only has 1G mobile technology texts and phone calls only, no MMS either, your best bet is the internet cafe's, although a little birdy has told me they are putting up WIFI hubs in most camps in the near future.

    Although, if you know someone with an UNCLAS computer (an account helps too), you can get access to a basic internet service, and web-based mail as well.

    Hope the info helps and good luck out here.

    Move fast, stay low.

  4. Mobile usage is banned - FULL STOP. If you bring one would not advise turning it on

    Efi has Wi-Fi at $5 for an hour - very slow and not accessible from your accom

    Bastion has plenty of terminals which, atm, the septics are clogging, but if you get up early you will get on one.

    Use your army net email and you can access from work DII terminals in Bastion.
  5. hi all

    thanks for the feedback, you seem to have answered my question and then some, probably best to stick to blueys and the occasional email when poss.
    Thanks again.

  6. Mobiles defo banned, dont even bother taking it with you (it'll turn out to be a useless ornament)

    Thought about e-blueys? (obviously net connection dependant) but they are secure and free

    Have a look at the e-bluey website
  7. When i was there, a mobile mast was about to be built in the ANA camp next to bastion, on Internet side there were only 20 computers available so its a big que anytime u want one, i was on Herrick 5 so i guess things must have got better by now, did hear from a mate who's just got back that there's WIFI around the NAFIE now not to sure if he was winding me up though
  8. I was told there was a wireless service throughout Bastion (specifically the hospital site) put in place by Paradigm. Access was £80 a month, so blokes were getting together in the 8 man pods in the accommodation and getting a WEP code they then shared, hey presto unlimited web access and skype to boot so free phone calls too. Don't forget webcams, great for the kids.