Email to new RAWO on Assignment


Evening all,

I have been assigned to a new Unit and I have to contact my new RAWO. Do I need to send him an introduction letter as the RAO or is it just an email to introduce myself.

Thank you in anticipation
Are you below Sgt?


Just ring them up.

'Alright chap? Big Dogg inbound! Get me a scratcher sorted, see you Monday.


**Drops the phone**
If you are a SNCO then a letter to the RSM is the form. If you are a JNCO then an email might be ok, but what's wrong with an old fashioned phone call. You can introduce yourself, explain why you are calling and if he/she needs any more gen then an email can follow.

RAWO dit -[or Chief Clerk as they were in them days] as a full screw I was on leave/OU summer school before joining a new unit - I got a 'life and death' message to contact the CC at my new unit, Family Tragedy? Emergency Deployment - quite possible at the time? Fire, Flood, Pestilence?.....turned out we knew each other very well and he'd brought my posting forward a week so I could get myself to Aldershot for an Army Cup cricket match. Useful folk to get on well with - give them a call.
As a WO2 I had an introduction letter sent back to me, in Bosnia, by the Adjt of my next unit. I had mis-pelled Alamein Barracks.

Turned out he was a bit of a knob.





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