Email to new RAWO on Assignment

Evening all,

I have been assigned to a new Unit and I have to contact my new RAWO. Do I need to send him an introduction letter as the RAO or is it just an email to introduce myself.

Thank you in anticipation
Are you below Sgt?
If you are a SNCO then a letter to the RSM is the form. If you are a JNCO then an email might be ok, but what's wrong with an old fashioned phone call. You can introduce yourself, explain why you are calling and if he/she needs any more gen then an email can follow.

RAWO dit -[or Chief Clerk as they were in them days] as a full screw I was on leave/OU summer school before joining a new unit - I got a 'life and death' message to contact the CC at my new unit, Family Tragedy? Emergency Deployment - quite possible at the time? Fire, Flood, Pestilence?.....turned out we knew each other very well and he'd brought my posting forward a week so I could get myself to Aldershot for an Army Cup cricket match. Useful folk to get on well with - give them a call.

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