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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TRAZTAZ, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. What are the implications of someone sitting at your desk, opening and reading Email adressed to you on your account? The situation is that an Email was circulated, on a work matter, to a group of people, and it was about a subject being pushed by a boss.Said boss then sat at one of the guys terminals as he was away for 3 mins or so , opened and read the email, took a dislike to its content, forwarded it to himself and then from his own terminal forwarded it further up the chain of command. He is not a happy man as he was described as a twat in said Email..............yes I know man up, but has he broken any rules by reading someone elses mail and then forwarding it to people not on the origional mailing list, himself included.Yes it is DII mail.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Said terminal should have been either 'Locked' on the User's account whilst away from said Terminal, or fully logged off. As to what the position is, not certain....... But, if there is an IT Department at place of work, then have a word with the Systems Administrator as to what the ramifications might be.....
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Interesting scenario. The implications are if you are going to call someone a twat then don't do it in email, as you have no idea who will forward it on and always lock your PC when you are not sat at it.

    Again we are back to the 'ephemeral conversation' or 'statement of fact'. I suspect you intended it as the former and he understood it as the latter - and as he is the boss, stand by.

  4. Just say you meant it as a term of affection, as in: he's such a (loveable) twat. A good lawyer will get you off and with half a mil in compensation. Good luck.
  5. If the email was on the works email system, then no he hasn't. If the email was on your pals own email system (like hotmail etc) then that could be an invasion of privacy. However, in light of the fact that your pal left the computer logged on then your pal could have broken the rules depending on the policies of the office.
  6. Breached syops by accessing another account.

    You have breached syops by leaving account open

    Dont write defamatory remarks on a internal email system as that is also a breach of syops.

    You both are guilty,
  7. My (and probably most) workplace have strict guidelines on access to computers, and locking them when away from the computer.

    Check your IT policy, as what you describe would be considered an unauthorised access (by the boss) to a computer, regardless of the fact it was left unlocked. It is likely that the only "snooping" allowed is by the authorised members of the IT department to check the rules are being kept (i.e. no porn!) and not individual line managers to keep tabs on their employees.
  8. its a matter of leverage is the lever that you wrote defamatory comments about him a bigger lever against you than accessing a connection without permission?
  9. The Lawful Business Practice Regulations (controlling the application of RIPA to employers' systems) limit employer's ability to read their employees' email - it isn't a free-for-all. In practice, there needs to be a reasonable cause and an appropriate permission process (and, generally, it won't be the direct manager who gets the access).

    From the little information presented, it seems unlikely that these have been met. This is complicated slightly by the fact that things like anti-virus filters and backup systems read your email all of the time and the regulations apply to automated as well as human 'reading' but, hey ...

    Then you have the breach not only of the DII SyOPS, as already pointed out, but also of the corporate Acceptable Use Policy.
  10. Was not me as it goes, however I am very suprised that it is ok to just go around opening other peoples Email accounts.The manner in which he was called a twat as it goes was what I read to be banter............wait to see what the morning brings I guess.
  11. What is the breach of DII SyOPS?
  12. Accessing another user's email account without suitable permission.
  13. I was the guy who sent this e mail and did refer to person as an annoying twat, it was meant in pure Banter and every other person who has read it agrees. However I now face AGAI action for what I don't know and as to what they are going to give me that also remains a mystery as from what I can gather Ive not failed the service test. Or have I?? :?
  14. which part of SYOPS is this breach written in???
  15. msr

    msr LE

    I would suggest that any decision is now a political one...