Email recieved by B&Q Customer Services

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Copy of e-mail received by B&Q customer services:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My congratulations to you on getting a yacht to leave the UK on 28th November 2004, sail 27,354 miles around the world and arrive back 72 days later.

    Could you please let me know when the kitchen I ordered 96 days ago will be arriving from your warehouse 13 miles away?

    I was pi55in meself at this :D
  2. Fantastic ! :D Incidentally, have you SEEN my sister? I'm not sure which made me laugh most.
  3. yeah your sister said she'd be home tomorrow... and she has some washing of mine... if you could throw it on a delicates cycle that would be great... thanks sleep :wink:
  4. Delicates cycle? you've gotta stop wearing womens clothes! :wink:
  5. funny you should say that sleeper... me best frock is on its way ;)

  6. Is that standard casual dress for the Kings regiment? :twisted:
  7. nahhh I an ex-kingo... had to get out... they werent happy anout my infactuation with gender re-assignment
  8. And there was me thinking the army was an equal oppurtunity employer! :D :D
  9. lol you havent seen my bad swag night photo's.... every chance a squaddie gets they are in a frock!!!...
    And yes the army are equal opportunities employer but some are not as equal (or as wanted in the regt) as others :wink:

    they took particular offence when I said I wanted to be called kgn "Danielle" roflmao
  10. And i suppose the bolde hair didnt help either 8O :D :D :D :D