email address for RSM 2 Yorks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jacob1650, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Any answers by PM please, to keep the civpop at arms length.

    Planning a visit to Epi Garrison later this year and would like to make contact with RSM 2Yorks.

    Could someone pass a workable email address onto me, please.

    Happy to explain further by pm to verify reasons etc.
  2. Jacob isn't serving so I doubt he has access to a DII terminal or the military phone network.
  3. Or Jacob doesn't have access to the military network? Just a radical thought, I know.
  4. PM en route.
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  5. I suppose that depends, I believe Jacob knows several users of these forums in real life, if I had the information I wouldn't think twice about letting him have it.
  6. internet-police.jpg
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  7. What is he gunna do??? send him a massive jiffy bag in a turd as an attachment?????
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  8. What's he gonna do; email the RSM some extra bold exclamation marks you throbber? ;-)
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  9. You sound just like the kind of **** that spent his career with his tongue firmly buried in the colon of whichever man that was directly above him.
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  10. Which individual are you referring to?
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    Would he not have to eat the jiffy bag first then wait ??
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  12. Thanks to those who tried to help by PM.

    Thanks to Crow Bag for the character reference.

    Thanks to those who pointed out that LAIT is a dick. ( I put this in the intelligence cell to avoid NAAFI bar heroes like you )

    Original question still remains if anyone can help.