email address for RSM 2 Yorks

Any answers by PM please, to keep the civpop at arms length.

Planning a visit to Epi Garrison later this year and would like to make contact with RSM 2Yorks.

Could someone pass a workable email address onto me, please.

Happy to explain further by pm to verify reasons etc.


Jacob isn't serving so I doubt he has access to a DII terminal or the military phone network.
I'm going out on a limb here...but if you open your email browser, click 'To' and then just scroll to the '2 Yorks' bit, I reckon you'll find the RSM? Unless he's forbidden from having a DII address?
Or Jacob doesn't have access to the military network? Just a radical thought, I know.


So he's civpop as well.

Hence no-one should be sending anything via PM.
I suppose that depends, I believe Jacob knows several users of these forums in real life, if I had the information I wouldn't think twice about letting him have it.
What is he gunna do??? send him a massive jiffy bag in a turd as an attachment?????
Thanks to those who tried to help by PM.

Thanks to Crow Bag for the character reference.

Thanks to those who pointed out that LAIT is a dick. ( I put this in the intelligence cell to avoid NAAFI bar heroes like you )

Original question still remains if anyone can help.
Now then Post-twit, that made me laugh.

All sorted now thanks, have established comms. Cheers to those who helped.

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