Elvis why do people think hes so great ?????????

Please can someone explain to me why Elvis is regarded with such reverence - I have been exposed to his music for over 40 years now and I can find nothing which - in my opinion - makes it or him so outstanding. He was at best only ever a mediocre guitar player - certainly not in the same league as cochran or holly (although to be fair scotty moore from his backing band was pretty decent) his voice was nothing exceptional either, could move a bit (which got into trouble on tv), his acting ability wouldnt have got him onto coronation street - so what is it - the only thing i will concede is that he had an excellent manager. There must have been something so what am I missing ?????????
I know this is going to get me a damn fine slagging but i have to ask the question and put the cat amongst the pigeons - so to speak.
The poor misguided individuals who thought him so "Shocking" were more interested in his image than his ....music? They are now in places of authority, the media etc and are dragging out another urban myth to try and justify that there youth was "Groovy". Another pint of milk Sir? I think he's crap. Same as the Beatles!! 8O
There ain't nuthin sounds so good as a fat dead redneck.

Thangyouverramuch, TMW has left the building.
The King and The Lads from Liverpool, both came along at a point where contempory music was in the dumps. They changed the music of the day in ways that succesors would like to but never have.
Greatness cums rarely, they are hundreds of very good also rans but for the Top, few, very few, make that grade.

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