Elvis Presley: True Great or Just Another Shallow Celeb?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Democritus, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. On Presley's 75th birthday I hope I can be allowed a walk down Memory Lane. I grew up on his early music (yes, I know) and still consider some of the songs he released between, say, 1956 and 1960 to be among the best of what genuine rock 'n' roll ever produced. I also worshipped other stars of that time (Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Fats Domino and so on), but I think Presley really does deserve a special place of his own in the history of 20th century pop music (it could still - just about - be called music in those days, before it descended into the mindless nonsense it is today). Yes, his films were ludicrous and most (all?) of his later songs execrable; worst of all, perhaps, were his later comical appearance, unspeakable Las Vegas costumes and piggish lifestyle. But was he more than just a shallow oik celebrity? On the strength of those early greats, and also because he seems to have been a genuinely decent bloke before fame, fortune and drugs ruined him, I think so - but perhaps 'A Fool Such As I' is blinded by nostalgia. Arguments to the contrary (or even in support) are respectfully invited.
  2. Not much to say other than a true legend and his music is still a joy to listen to.
  3. As a great fan of Rock N Roll and Rockabilly, his place in music history will never be rivalled. Whilst I feel Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and so on were better performers and musicians, Elvis was not only marketed right, but also at the right time. No-one, including Jackson, Madonna or any of the modern "artists" will ever come close to what Elvis acheived.

    True, only his first three films and maybe G.I Blues were any good, and the Colonel's influence held him back from being even bigger and better, but his sheer personality, stage style and the voice make him one in a million. Although modern artists might acheive more number ones, keep in mind it is easier to get a number one, gold and platinum record nowadays.

    A bit long winded, but that's my thoughts on the matter. Long live the King!

    Shane has left the building!
  4. Brilliant singer, rubbish actor
  5. The version of 'Are you lonesome' where he gets the giggles never fails to make me laugh! Young Elvis was awesome and easily THE most beautiful specimen of manhood ever to exist on this earth....but fat,fried peanut butter sandwich Elvis....total utter waste of a God!!!
  6. I Love Elvis and have named my dog after him purely because my wife wouldn't let me use his name for our firstborn.

    His films are cheesy but so is every other movie from the time.

    A true legend and his music is amazing!
  7. I had one of those sandwiches when I visited Memphis, they taste great, honestly, but when you see how many calories are in them.....!!!!!
  8. Really? I must send you one of my (early) portraits. :D
  9. Hehe, cue all the Stray Cat lookalikes posting pictures!!!.....Oh wait, I was one of them. ;)
  10. True Great ( and he loved his mam) :p

    Some of the stuff played whilst sat round with `the guys` in the `68 Comeback special was just awe inspiring.

    Dont forget he introduced the world to girder shades. Win-Win.
  11. He was good but not shallow i think he was buried extra deep to stop the fans trying to dig him up again.
  12. secretly he was/is very good, however my ex wife worshiped him so i dont like him, lol but dont tell anyone shhhsh
  13. Elvis who?
  14. He apparently used to pay for soldiers in uniform flying on the same flights as him, to be upgraded to business/first calls during the Vietnam War.
  15. Bless. :)